Monday, July 18, 2016

Despotism's Triumph in Turkey

Despotism’s Triumph in Turkey

by Stephen Lendman

Friday’s coup was state-sponsored false flag deception, Erdogan using it to consolidate tyrannical rule - eliminating shaky remnants of democratic governance.

Regime authority already is unforgiving, waging slow-motion genocide against Kurds the way America ravished its native people, how Israel massacres Palestinians, NATO and rogue regional leaders complicit through silence.

Erdogan partners with Obama’s naked aggression on Syria -  endorsing regime change, actively supporting the scourge of terrorism he rhetorically opposes.

He, family members and regime officials profit from selling stolen ISIS oil, lets Turkey be a launching pad and safe haven for terrorist operations, supplying their fighters with weapons, munitions, other material support and medical treatment for their wounded.

Anyone criticizing or insulting him risks prosecution for terrorism, espionage or treason. Press freedom is pure fantasy. Turkey imprisons more journalists than any other country. Political assassinations remove opposition figures. 

Erdogan is one of many tinpot despot close US allies, a valued NATO imperial partner, an international outlaw whose high crimes don’t matter as long as America’s interests are served.

Even when his outrageous behavior strains relations, he’s tolerated. Geopolitical priorities take precedence over anything else.

Expect Washington to ignore his power grab, his coup d’etat deception, his tyrannical ruthlessness, his regionally destabilizing rogue regime.

A White House statement said Obama “underscored the shared challenges that will require continued Turkish cooperation, including our joint efforts against terrorism.”

Two rogue states partner in high crimes, supporting and encouraging the terrorist scourge they claim to oppose, using it to advance their interests.

John Kerry spoke to his Turkish counterpart, “reiterating US support for the democratically elected government in Turkey,” ignoring its tyrannical transformation, its sweeping reign of terror against opponents.

For now, Erdogan is more powerful than before - his overreaching gambit perhaps leading to his eventual downfall. Delusions of grandeur end poorly.

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