Monday, July 18, 2016

False Flag Coup in Turkey

False Flag Coup in Turkey

by Stephen Lendman

When is a coup more illusion than real - when ruling authorities stage a fantasy uprising to consolidate greater power and eliminate opponents.

Erdogan was never in danger of being ousted, controlling events once begun to their short-lived conclusion, last Friday’s uprising more a manufactured tempest in a teapot than anything threatening his rule.

He straightaway began mass arresting alleged coup plotters, participating soldiers, political opponents and others earmarked for elimination. 

Iron-fisted consolidation of power works this way. Erdogan’s aim is establishing tyrannical over democratic rule, lawful principles discarded - regime loyalists and security forces in the streets hunting down opposition elements, inciting violence.

One observer called events since Friday Erdogan’s Reichstag fire - Hitler’s February 1933 false flag, wrongfully blamed on communists to begin consolidating power and change the course of history.

A violent post-coup continues playing out on Turkish streets. A state of emergency under martial law remains in force. Militarized police squads are patrolling streets in Ankara, Istanbul and elsewhere with orders to shoot potential threats.

F-16s are patrolling Turkish airspace. A virtual regime-sponsored state of war exists against all elements critical of Erdogan’s rule.

He called on his supporters to remain on streets and in squares, saying “we will not leave them empty. This is not an operation which lasts 12 hours.”

Police in armored vehicles gassed residents of an Istanbul Kurdish area where an RT International crew was filming - “firing at anybody,” according to war correspondent Lizzie Phelan.

No demonstrations for or against Erdogan were occurring at the time. Indiscriminate state-sponsored violence was unleashed - a ruthless tyrant solidifying control violently.

“We can’t leave. The police are surrounding us,” reported Phelan. Tear gas canisters landed close to where she and other RT crew members were positioned.

Anyone opposing Erdogan’s tyranny faces brutal retaliatory regime wrath. It’s playing out in real time on Turkish streets.

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