Sunday, July 17, 2016

Hardened Fascist Dictatorship in Turkey

Hardened Fascist Dictatorship in Turkey

by Stephen Lendman

Some observers suggest Erdogan may have staged Friday’s botched coup, a false flag to solidify unchallenged power - retaliation coming hard and fast, long knives out in full-force, rule of law principles discarded.

According to justice minister Bekir Bozdag, around 6,000 alleged coup plotters and regime opponents were arrested and detained. “(C)leansing…continu(es),” he said. 

Numbers likely to rise, Erdogan is using what happened to eliminate political, military and other opponents, how despots always operate.

He blamed exiled cleric Fethullah Gulen, living in Pennsylvania, Turkish intelligence claiming (without evidence) “signs that (he) is working closely with certain members of military leadership against the civilian government.”

He’s been blamed before irresponsibly, a convenient scapegoat. He opposes coups, supports democratic principles. Nothing connects him to what happened.

Erdogan wants him extradited, Bozdag saying “the United States would weaken itself by protecting him. It would harm its reputation. I don't think that at this hour, the United States would protect someone who carried out this act against Turkey.”

John Kerry said Washington would only consider extradition if Erdogan presents credible evidence of his involvement. Gulen issued a statement condemning “in the strongest terms the attempted military coup in Turkey.”

Erdogan is using what happened to rally public support for his rule - mosques used nationwide for Sunday prayers in defense of his regime along with toppling the coup plotters.

Arrest warrants were issued en masse. Three generals, other top officers and judges were detained - the military and judiciary being systematically purged. 

Expect witch-hunt justice ahead, guilt by accusation automatic, long prison terms to follow, capital punishment perhaps reinstituted, abolished in 2004. No prisoners were executed since October 1984.

Erdogan and Prime Minister Binali Yildirim both promised harsh punishment for coup plotters, participants in what happened along with anyone opposing regime policy.

War on fundamental freedoms is unfolding in plain sight, regime ruthlessness taking full advantage of what happened. 

Erdogan called it “a gift from God…a reason to cleanse our army” and eliminate political opponents.

Overnight, reign of terror rule became official regime policy, police state harshness enforcing it, full-blown tyranny taking over.

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