Thursday, July 28, 2016

Hillary Front and Center Thursday Night

Hillary Front and Center Thursday Night

by Stephen Lendman

Prepare for the onslaught, a carefully scripted recitation polar opposite her despicable record.

It doesn’t get more politically over-the-top than a neocon lunatic fringe war criminal/racketeer representing one of America’s two right wings.

Election-rigging perhaps is planned to assure she succeeds Obama, the same process used to steal enough delegates to anoint her party nominee.

Winning fair and square isn’t the American way. Strategy focuses on raping, destroying and plundering independent nations,  stealing from ordinary people for rich ones at home and abroad, police and other guardians of power used as enforcers - an endless cycle of viciousness perpetuated with bipartisan support.

Hillary represents the worst of America’s dark side, its pure evil agenda. Her despicable rap sheet shows she’s beyond rehabilitation. 

She’s overwhelmingly reviled and mistrusted - beyond the ability of image makers and her dreary rhetoric to reinvent herself.

Expect her acceptance speech to feature similar mumbo jumbo rubbish, Big Lies and promises made to be broken repeated from previous address - accentuated by phony convention pomp and circumstance trappings, including orchestrated cheers from the faithful and entertainment meant to distract from the harsh reality of US policies at home and abroad.

America isn’t beautiful and never was. Hillary’s anointment shows how low it sank. 

If election-rigging makes her the nation’s 45th president, the worst of all possible outcomes may follow - the horror of possible nuclear war denouement.

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