Saturday, July 16, 2016

ISIS Claims Responsibility for Nice, France False Flag

ISIS Claims Responsibility for Nice, France False Flag

by Stephen Lendman

Its semi-official Amaq News Agency published a statement, saying “(t)he man behind the running-over operation in Nice, France, is a soldier from the Islamic State, and he carried out the attack to answer the calls for targeting the nationals of countries in the coalition that is fighting Islamic State.”

Take the above statement with a grain of salt. The group often claims responsibility for incidents it had nothing to do with - evidence showing they were false flags in Europe and America.

Reports without independent corroboration claim Bastille Day assailant Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel managed to drive a 25-ton lorry, zigzagging for some distance, into crowds of people, killing and injuring over 200 victims by ramming and shooting before being lethally shot and silenced.

It strains credibility to suggest he acted alone or if he was even involved in what happened. He’s dead, unable to say one way or another.

Bastille Day in Nice had all the earmarks of state-sponsored false flag terror, not a lone wolf crime or incident committed by ISIS.

France along with America, other NATO partners and regional ones support the group. Why would any of its members attack an ally?

Bouhlel appeared set up as a convenient patsy. Media reports about him are designed to portray him as a bad guy - the same scenario following previous false flag attacks in America and Europe.

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls irresponsibly said he’s “a terrorist probably linked to radical Islam one way or another.” 

Nothing about him suggests it. Once labelled a bad guy, it hard to shake it. A previous article suggested possible CIA, Mossad and/or French intelligence responsibility for what happened.

In America and European societies, Muslims are scapegoats of choice. Incidents like Nice stoke fear.

They get people to go along with policies they’d otherwise oppose - including endless wars of aggression and loss of civil liberties on the phony pretext of protecting national security.

Expect lots more similar incidents. They’re happening with disturbing regularity. 

Imperialism stops at nothing to achieve unchallenged power, no price too great to pay.

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