Saturday, July 02, 2016

Non-Recusal Attorney General Recusal

Non-Recusal Attorney General Recusal

by Stephen Lendman

Having things both ways is longstanding US policy, giving hypocrisy new meaning.

A previous article suggested Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s private meeting with Bill Clinton likely constituted obstruction of justice. 

Claiming it was social defies credibility. It was well-planned in advance, what was supposed to be a secret Phoenix, AZ airport meeting.

Journalists were prevented from doing their job. FBI agents prohibited video and other photographic evidence. No cell phones were allowed.

Lynch’s Justice Department is investigating Hillary Clinton’s wrongdoing - her email scandal and evidence proving the Clinton Foundation (involving husband Bill) is a money-laundering, influence-peddling racket, not a charitable NGO as claimed.

On Friday, Lynch downplayed damage caused by meeting with Bill Clinton, not recusing herself while claiming to do it, deceptively saying she’ll accept recommendations of FBI director James Comey and DOJ prosecutors, investigating Hillary’s wrongdoing.

She wants to be “briefed,” reserving the right to overrule recommendations of career prosecutors - meaning she alone has final say, the Clintons free from prosecution despite committing high crimes too grave to ignore.

Dirty business as usual is standard practice. Lynch’s mistake was getting caught. Will it make a difference? 

She’ll likely stay on as AG. Hillary remains largely unscathed, favored in opinion polls to succeed Obama. 

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