Sunday, July 03, 2016

Pro-EU NYT Promotes What Demands Dissolution

Pro-EU NYT Promotes What Demands Dissolution

by Stephen Lendman

The EU is fundamentally undemocratic, a flawed system too corrupted to fix, the enemy of peace and stability, eroding fundamental freedoms ahead of eliminating them altogether - a goal perilously close to achieving.

Most EU nations are US-dominated NATO members, waging endless wars of aggression, threatening humanity’s survival.

Before it’s creation, the CIA pushed hard for a united Europe, a single entity easier to control than 28 separate nations, a core element of America’s imperial policy.

Europe remains a US colony. Breaking free should be top priority, sovereign independence too important to be handed to an offshore higher power.

NYT editors have things backwards, urging the nonexistent “promise of the European Union” be “revived” instead of demanding its dissolution.

Claiming anti-EU “arguments are wildly off base” belies cold, hard reality - at the same time admitting “union urgently needs reform.”

Sovereign independence supporters are patriots, not “isolationist(s)” as Times editors claim, saying critics calling the EU undemocratic “exaggerat(e) (despite) a kernel of truth” in their arguments.

Washington and Brussels controlling Europe is the stuff tyranny is made of, sovereign independence lost to a higher authority, the worst option for nations to choose.

World peace, stability and security require member states free themselves from EU and NATO dominance.

Societies fit to live in depend on dissolving both alliances, scourges harming everyone, dominated by America - pure evil too menacing to tolerate.

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