Monday, July 18, 2016

Republican Political Circus Kicks Off in Cleveland

Republican Political Circus Kicks Off in Cleveland

by Stephen Lendman

Political conventions showcase party standard bearers, portray unity, and create the illusion of a political process serving everyone equitably - democratic governance at its best when nonexistent.

Cleveland is Trump’s show, presumptive GOP nominee, to become official when delegates formally choose him as party standard bearer.

Convention proceedings more resemble reality TV than democracy in action. A rogue’s gallery of speakers include right-wing politicians, military figures, and Trump family members, culminating with the nominee’s acceptance speech.

Daily themes include making America safe again, making it work again, making it first again and making it one again - the usual type pomp and circumstance signifying nothing, circus proceedings, little more, best ignored.

Then repeated when Democrats get their turn next week - a double dose of hypocrisy at its worst, political posturing concealing America’s dark side, an imperial agenda threatening humanity, concealed from public view in Cleveland and Philadelphia.

The most ruthless rogue state in world history intends dueling deceptive dog and pony show extravaganzas - exercises in hyperbole, duplicity, hypocrisy and coverup of the highest of high crimes.

Supporting either duopoly power candidate endorses pure evil. In November, vote independent or stay home.

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