Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Trump Triumphant: Wins GOP Nomination

Trump Triumphant, Wins GOP Nomination

by Stephen Lendman

On Tuesday evening, Trump became official GOP standard bearer, a billionaire tycoon representing America’s privileged class exclusively.

Pre-scripted theater had delegates from his home state of New York putting him over the top, his son, Donald Trump Jr. announcing it. Trump Sr. tweeted it’s a “great honor.”

His triumph drew mixed responses - supporters cheering, opponents shouting in protest. Anti-Trumpism failed on the convention floor - to be continued gale force from when Democrats meet next week through November elections.

America’s political system mocks legitimacy, combining travesty and tragedy. It’s too debauched to fix - fantasy democracy, not the real thing. 

Voters in November get to choose between a racist billionaire tycoon and a neocon war goddess racketeer - both widely reviled. Neither represents ordinary people.

November’s outcome is predetermined, privilege triumphing over equity and justice for all. 

Expect four more years of endless imperial wars, corporate favoritism, neoliberal harshness and police state enforcement crushing resistance.

Rights and welfare of ordinary people don’t matter. America is beautiful for its privileged class alone.

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