Saturday, July 16, 2016

Trump/Pence Dog and Pony Show Kick-Off

Trump/Pence Dog and Pony Show Kick-Off

by Stephen Lendman

Politics in America combines image-building with deception. It’s more about theatrics than substance, voters left uninformed about issues mattering most. The fate of the nation and world hang in the balance.

On Saturday in Manhattan, the Trump/Spence train left the station, aiming for triumph in November, not derailment.

Introducing Indiana Governor Mike Spence to a national TV audience, Trump called him “my partner in this campaign.”

Together for the first time publicly,  Trump combining Clinton bashing with praising his running mate. “What a difference between crooked Hillary Clinton and Mike Pence,” he blustered. “He’s a solid, solid person.”

Pence played the role of dutiful junior partner, calling Trump “a good man,” a fighter, a legendary businessman and patriotic American.

More mumbo jumbo followed, the same stuff we’ve been bombarded with for months, continuing through November’s election to select one of the two most reviled presidential aspirants in US history.

Most voters reject them both, want alternative choices they’re not getting except from independent parties too weak to unseat duopoly power - one-party rule with two right wings.

Trump and Clinton are mostly alike, differing largely in rhetoric and style on most issues - Killary by far the most dangerous, choosing war over diplomacy, shunning peace and stability.

Trump admitted choosing Pence to solidify party unity, calling himself “an outsider,” saying “I don’t want to be” one anymore.

Republicans meet next week in Cleveland, Democrats the week after in Philadelphia. Mass protests are expected to greet delegates at each event.

America’s political process serves monied interests exclusively at the expense of governance of, by and for everyone equitably. 

Conventions rubber-stamp it - a deplorable display of power politics, popular needs, concerns and rights entirely ignored.

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