Monday, August 01, 2016

Hillary: An Existential Threat to Humanity

Hillary: An Existential Threat to Humanity

by Stephen Lendman

Hillary is unique in the annals of US presidential politics, a despicable aspirant like no other, an unprecedented threat to world peace, security and humanity’s survival.

Letting her succeed Obama is an unacceptable risk no thinking, peace loving person should tolerate.

It’s inconceivable for anyone knowing her public record to support her - an untrustworthy, widely reviled she-devil, war goddess, racketeer, serial liar threat to virtually everything peace-loving people everywhere hold most dear. 

New York Times-led media scoundrels deplorably endorse her, serving as virtual press agents, abandoning journalistic ethics and principles altogether, inventing a nonexistent Hillary persona, suppressing her dark side demanding condemnation, brainwashing readers and viewers to believe she’s the one, bashing Trump relentlessly, way over-the-top in how they one-sidedly go at him.

The risk in November is electoral rigging, installing her as president the way primaries and caucuses were stolen to anoint her Democrat nominee.

America’s electoral process is more scandalous than legitimate, electoral fraud longstanding since the republic’s early days - things rigged today with electronic ease, voter roll purging, millions of votes left uncounted and other dirty tricks.

Democracy in America is pure fantasy. What powerful interests want, the get. Ordinary people have no say whatever, voting a waste of time.

Hillary is clearly the establishment’s choice, Trump the unwanted outlier. US elections are farcical when held, illegitimate by any standard. 

In 2000, five Supreme Court justices chose George Bush for president - overriding the popular and Electoral College votes for Al Gore, denying him the office he won.

Will grand theft anoint Hillary Obama’s successor? Are things already decided? Is November’s election (sic) an exercise in futility - theater to create the illusion of democracy?

Hillary represents the worst of Obama’s deplorable record on steroids - beholden to Wall Street, war-profiteers and other monied interests, disdainful of fundamental human rights and needs, a self-serving power-hungry woman lusting for endless wars, risking possible WW III.

Why defeating her is so essential, the choice between remaining freedoms or full-blown tyranny, perhaps life or death!

The horror of a 2nd Clinton crime family co-presidency is too unacceptable a threat to tolerate.

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