Monday, August 29, 2016

Leading US Imperial Press Agent NYT Irresponsibly Accuses Russia of Falsifying Stories

Leading US Imperial Press Agent NYT Irresponsibly Accuses Russia of Falsifying Stories

by Stephen Lendman

The Times is the leading media scoundrel Russia basher, spreading misinformation and Big Lies, vilifying Putin irresponsibly  - its reports turning truth on its head, solely because Moscow remains free from US imperial dominance.

Its latest attack piece headlined “A Powerful Russian Weapon: The Spread of False Stories,” saying:

If Sweden became a NATO partner (its not a member state), fabricated stories are circulating that nuclear alliance members would secretly stockpile WMDs on its soil, able to use them against Russia without Stockholm approval.

NATO troops could rape Swedish women unaccountably, the stories add. All of it rubbish, their source unknown, The Times blaming Russia irresponsibly - claiming the usual unnamed “analysts and experts in American and European intelligence” say so.

The evidence cited: Putin opposes NATO expansion. The whole world should oppose its existence, a killing machine threatening world peace, stability and security.

“Putin…invaded Georgia in 2008 largely to forestall” NATO expansion, said The Times. He was prime minister at the time, out of the country in Beijing.

Dmitry Medvedev was president. In August 2008, Russia forces entered South Ossetia to protect its citizens being slaughtered by Georgian forces, supported and encouraged by Washington.

“In Crimea, eastern Ukraine and now Syria, Mr. Putin has flaunted a modernized and more muscular military,” said The Times.

Fact: Crimeans overwhelmingly voted to join Russia. Putin accommodated them. No annexation occurred - nor did Russia flex military muscle in Southeastern Ukraine, the breakaway Donbass region. Its freedom fighters reject the scourge of US-installed, Nazi-infested, putschist rule.

According to The Times, instead of confronting NATO militarily, Russia is waging information war “to sow doubt and division…to weaken (alliance) cohesion…stir discord…and blunt opposition to” its government.

It’s “planting…false stories,” The Times claims…disinformation…an important aspect of Russian military doctrine.” Accusations without verifiable proof reflects longstanding Times-led anti-Russian media propaganda - along with a steady scurrilous bipartisan stream from Washington.

The Times, a notorious press agent for wealth, power and privilege, cited nonexistent Kremlin “clandestine (disinformation) methods,” including through English language RT International and Sputnik News - sources providing real news, information and analysis, polar opposite US-led Western media rubbish, notably from The Times.

Russia is irresponsibly blamed for US-dominated NATO high crimes - The Times America’s lead propaganda instrument, a lying machine, mocking legitimate journalism, absent in reporting issues mattering most, notably geopolitical ones.

Russia is the leading force for world peace and stability, America their villainous enemy, The Times and other media scoundrels complicit agents of wrong over right - yellow journalism at its worst.

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