Thursday, August 18, 2016

Media Scoundrels Frantic Over Closer Russian/Iranian Military Ties

Media Scoundrels Frantic Over Closer Russian/Iranian Military Ties

by Stephen Lendman

Imperial supporters aren’t pleased about news detrimental to their interests. Iran letting Russia use its Hamedan airbase to launch airstrikes and cruise missiles on terrorist targets in Syria is great news for the free world, awful for wannabe masters of the universe.

Both countries are sovereign independent states Washington targets for regime change, wanting them transformed into US vassal states, along with all other nations it doesn’t control.

Media scoundrels jumped on their growing military alliance, bashing them for forging closer ties against US-supported terrorists threatening the region and elsewhere.

The New York Times responded by claiming the latest development “further complicate(s) Russia’s troubled relations with the United States, which has been working with Russia over how to end the Syria conflict.”

Fact: Russia fosters good relations with all countries, unattainable with America over its agenda for unchallenged world dominance.

It launched war on Syria. It could end it by cutting off all support for its terrorists foot soldiers - ISIS and all other armed elements waging war on Syrian sovereign freedom.

Stronger Russian/Iranian ties along with possible greater Chinese involvement in combating terrorism in Syria is bad news for imperial America.

Wall Street Journal editors claimed “Obama stands by as a Moscow-Tehran-Damascus axis forms…in the wake of (his) nuclear deal with Iran” and sale of sophisticated S-300 air-defense systems to its government - what Israel pushed hard to prevent and failed.

Irresponsibly calling democratically elected Bashar al-Assad a dictator, Journal editors bashed Russian and Syrian forces for encircling US-supported terrorist-held Aleppo areas, severing their supply lines, hammering them with effective air and ground attacks daily.

They continue calling naked US aggression a civil conflict, suppressing how America uses jihadists as imperial foot soldiers in multiple war theaters - referring to Russia and Iran as “interlopers,” failing to give credit where it’s due, supporting what demands denunciation. 

Scoundrel media bashing of Syria, Russia and Iran follows their redoubtable efforts in challenging America’s imperial project effectively - gaining greater influence and respect the more successes they achieve.

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