Friday, August 05, 2016

President-Elect Clinton: The Three Scariest Words You'll Ever Hear

President-Elect Clinton: The Three Scariest Words You’ll Ever Hear

by Stephen Lendman

Disturbing signs point to a rigged November election to install Hillary as Obama’s successor - stealing the nation’s highest office, not winning it fair and square.

Given the power of money, influence, and scandalous one-sided media reporting, it’s hard imagining how it can be stopped. 

It appears the fix was in from the onset of the political process last year. The train left the station with Hillary alone aboard - destination the White House, blackened with her in charge, along with husband Bill as co-president for a third term, a duo only Wall Street, war profiteers and other corporate predators could love.

Sanders was never a serious candidate. He played the role of loyal opposition, enjoying his extended 15 minutes of fame, a huckster throughout his deplorable political career - saying one thing, doing another. 

He’s now Hillary’s puppet, called on to shift independents to her camp, deceiving them to believe they both back progressive change after betraying supporters by endorsing her. 

What a colossal hoax, and millions fell for it! Americans are the easiest marks to deceive. No matter how often they’ve been had before, they’re setups to be fooled again.

Once Trump became GOP nominee, his anti-establishment sounding rhetoric assured political machinations against him.

It appears baked in the cake, a candidate representing the greatest threat to world peace appears pre-selected to become America’s next president before the first primary and caucus votes were cast, before the farcical November process - a terrifying prospect.

Most Americans are so uninformed and indifferent they have no idea of the dangers threatening their lives, welfare and futures. 

Will it take WW III to awaken them? Will it take nuking their cities and immolating their loved ones? Will it make a difference when it’s too late to matter?

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