Saturday, August 13, 2016

US Tells Kiev to Ease Tensions with Russia While Stoking Them

US Tells Kiev to Ease Tensions with Russia While Stoking Them

by Stephen Lendman

America is the world’s leading provocateur - at times confrontational, at others belligerently waging naked aggression against nonthreatening nations.

Ukraine is a US client state - democratic governance replaced by US-installed putschists, oligarch Petro Poroshenko its anointed president, overwhelmingly despised for his belligerence and neoliberal harshness at a time most Ukrainians suffer during hard economic times.

Washington considers Russia an adversary, not ally - leading world peacemaker Putin viewed as public enemy No. 1, vilified shamelessly by US media scoundrels instead of extending respect for a world-class leader.

Conflict in Ukraine against Donbass freedom fighters rejecting fascist rule was made in the USA - Obama administration neocons orchestrating it, intending no change of policy, virtually certain to have been behind or at least approved the failed terrorist plot days earlier in Crimea, foiled by Russian intelligence and security operatives.

Yet on August 12, a White House Office of the vice president statement said “Biden spoke today with President Poroshenko of Ukraine.” 

“The two leaders discussed recent tensions on the Crimean Peninsula, which is occupied by Russian forces in contravention of international law.”

Fact: The Republic of Crimea is legitimate Russian territory - overwhelmingly approved by the vast majority of its people, their self-determination right, recognized under international law.

“The Vice President urged President Poroshenko to do his part to avoid escalating tensions. The Vice President noted that we have urged the Russian side to do the same.” 

Fact: Since ousting its democratically elected government in February 2014, Washington stoked conflict, spurning Minsk I and II peace efforts, initiated and led by Moscow, asserting its will to continue war, aiming for spillover to destabilize Russia, part of its longterm regime change strategy.

“Both leaders reiterated their strong support for political and diplomatic means to restore Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, in particular through full implementation of the Minsk Agreement.”

Fact: Washington wants Ukraine used as a dagger targeting Russia’s heartland - perhaps intending to deploy US combat troops armed with nuclear weapons on its border, a sure way to start WW III.

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