Saturday, September 24, 2016

Former NBA Star Stoops to Bashing Trump for Hillary

Former NBA Star Stoops to Bashing Trump for Hillary

by Stephen Lendman

Was Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s op-ed headlined “Trump Is So Scared That He Wants Us to Dismantle the Constitution” his own idea, or was he put up to it - published in the viciously anti-Trump neocon Washington Post?

He seems clueless about the deplorable state of America - bipartisan established tyranny, headed for full-blown, presidents Bush, Obama and whoever becomes next US president operating under a post-9/11 police state apparatus, notably Patriot Act and Homeland Security Act constitution-violating principles, along with flagrantly breaching international law on issues of human rights and what constitutes naked aggression.

He should have written an op-ed titled, “Rogue State America: Its Endless War on Humanity at Home and Abroad.” He would have been honest and forthright instead of stumping for Hillary - a recklessly dangerous presidential aspirant he should forthrightly denounce.

Whatever his many faults - who ever heard of a good guy billionaire - Trump never waged war on other countries. He’s not responsible for bipartisan neocon mass slaughter and destruction.

He hasn’t violated constitutional, international or US statute laws. As president, if elected, he’ll pursue dirty business as usual for sure, like the 1990s Clinton co-presidency, GW Bush and Obama, heading the neoliberal/neocon criminal cabal running America. 

As unacceptable as he's likely to be if elected in November, Hillary is infinitely worse, a lunatic fringe war goddess, assuring greater war on humanity than already.

Abdul-Jabbar disgraced himself bashing Fidel Castro, a legend in his own time, a widely respected international hero, the world’s preeminent anti-imperial, anti-war, anti-nuclear weapons, social justice champion, calling him a “bully,” comparing him to Hitler, displaying profound ignorance and shameless disregard for the truth.

At the same time, he ignored Hillary Clinton’s despicable record from the neoliberal 90s through her tenure of secretary of state, along with using the Clinton Foundation as a money-laundering, self-enrichment racket masquerading as a charitable NGO.

Both Clintons and Obama belong in prison for the highest of high crimes, unfit for any public office. Trump can only be judged by what’s known about his business record as it pertains to how he might govern - along with his distinctly politically incorrect rhetoric much of the time, toned down considerably in recent weeks, focusing on appearing presidential.

Abdul-Jabbar’s op-ed looks suspiciously like anti-Trump bashing written for him, using his name, capitalizing on his persona, letting himself be used instead of scrupulously getting his facts straight.

He ignored fantasy democracy, governance of, by and for its privileged few alone, duopoly power running things, independent candidates shut out, ordinary people ruthlessly exploited - real unemployment at Depression era levels, poverty and deepening tyranny the nation’s lead growth industries, while homelessness, hunger and overall deprivation affect millions, Blacks and Latinos harmed most.

He sounded buffoon-like, saying “we are in danger of retreating from building the America we’re all supposed to be proud of, one that protects all and offers equal opportunity to all.”

Is it the same America waging endless wars of aggression against nonbelligerent countries - responsible for millions of deaths post-9/11 alone? Is it the one seeking global conquest and world dominance?

Is it the nation enforcing police state harshness on anyone challenging its ruthlessness, filling its worldwide gulag with thousands of political prisoners?

Is it the United States of I Don’t Care serving wealth, power and privilege exclusively at the expense of most others? Is it the one responsible for engineering the greatest wealth transfer from ordinary America to corporate predators and its super-rich elites?

Physically, Abdul-Jabbar stands over 7-feet tall. His op-ed showed he’s an ideological pygmy - one-sidedly bashing Trump to help “trigger-happy” Hillary.

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