Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Neocon US War Secretary Ashton Carter's Chilling Speech on Nuclear Deterrence

Neocon US War Secretary Ashton Carter’s Chilling Speech on Nuclear Deterrence

by Stephen Lendman

Paul Craig Roberts believes US nuclear war on Russia is likely if Hillary succeeds Obama. Carter’s September 26 Minot, ND nuclear missile base speech suggests it - perhaps a shot across the bow toward where we’re heading, a chilling hint of a possible doomsday scenario ahead.

America has no enemies - none since imperial Japan formally surrendered to US forces in August 1945. Yet along with a continuing post-9/11 state of emergency, it maintains a permanent state of war, waged in multiple theaters, entirely against invented adversaries - Russia, China and Iran on its target list for likely future aggression.

Its rage for endless wars, its nuclear arsenal, and sophisticated delivery systems represent humanity’s greatest threat.

According to Carter, “America’s nuclear deterrence is the bedrock of our security” - his War Department’s “highest priority mission.”

He highlighted US combat missions worldwide, deployed with NATO members - “standing up to (nonexistent) Russian aggression in Europe,” meeting nonexistent Asia-Pacific challenges, “deterring (nonexistent) North Korea’s provocations, countering (nonexistent) Iran’s malign activities…and helping accelerate ISIL’s certain and lasting defeat” - without acknowledging its US creation and support.

Carter’s address promoted spending hundreds of billions of dollars upgrading America’s nuclear triad - comprised of strategic long-range bombers, short, intermediate and long-range missiles able to carry multiple nuclear warheads, and nuclear submarines - enough destructive power to end life on earth.

He and other lunatic neocons infesting Washington risk it. America’s National Nuclear Strategy calls for first-strike use of nuclear weapons at its discretion in all its wars - whether targeted countries are nuclear armed or not.

Russia threatens no one. It’s attacked no other nation nor intends to. It’s the preeminent world peace, stability and security advocate, its agenda polar opposite Washington’s reckless one.

Carter lied, falsely accusing Moscow of “aggression” in Europe, provocative “saber rattling,” and upgrading its nuclear arsenal perhaps with intent to use it.

Its military budget solely for defense is a small fraction of what America spends - for belligerence, unneeded deterrence and naked aggression, unrelated to defense.

In 1982 testimony before Congress, Admiral Hyman Rickover, founder of America’s nuclear navy, explained “(t)he lesson of history is when a war starts, every nation will ultimately use whatever weapons it has available.”

“I think the human race is going to wreck itself, and it is important that we get control of this horrible force (meaning nuclear weapons) and try to eliminate it.”

Trained as a warrior, he called himself “a great exponent of stopping this whole nonsense of war.” He understood the danger of US policymakers, by accident or intent, waging potentially life on earth ending nuclear war.

The threat is greater than ever with Hillary likely to succeed Obama next year.

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