Monday, September 26, 2016

NYT Blames Russia and Syria for US-Led Imperial Crimes

NYT Blames Russia and Syria for US-Led Imperial Crimes

by Stephen Lendman

On issues of war and peace, The New York Times is a press agent for US-led imperial high crimes of war, against humanity and genocide - consistently reinventing reality, turning truth on its head, willfully and maliciously lying to readers.

Syria is struggling for survival, up against US hegemonic ruthlessness, Russia providing invaluable help, both nations deserving universal support and praise.

Not according to The Times, continuing its steady drumbeat of deception and Big Lies, supporting US-led aggression, blasting Syrian self-defense aided by Russia, its reports reading like Pentagon handouts, its latest saying:

“Make life intolerable and death likely. Open an escape route, or offer a deal to those who leave or surrender. Let people trickle out. Kill whoever stays. Repeat until a deserted cityscape is yours.”

“It is a strategy that both the Syrian government and its Russian allies have long embraced to subdue Syrian rebels, largely by crushing the civilian populations that support them.”

Fact: Syrian and Russian forces are combating US-supported terrorists, scrupulously defending, not targeting, civilian areas. Claims otherwise constitute willful deception and Big Lies.

America, its rogue allies, and terrorist foot soldiers massacre civilians unaccountably. Comments The Times made above have things upside down - the way it’s reported consistently throughout Obama’s war and all other US ones.

So-called Syrian rebels are US-supported terrorists - all anti-government forces as cold-blooded and ruthless as ISIS and al-Nusra. Nonexistent “moderates” is one of many Big Lies about the war - grand deception fooling no one paying attention. Too few do, letting America and its rogue allies get away with genocide, The Times cheerleading their high crimes, blaming victims instead.

Claiming “killing and destruction in Syria…stupefied much of the world over the past five years” ignores a US-led imperial strategy similar to all its wars of aggression, regime change their objective no matter the human cost.

In response to Russian and Syrian efforts to liberate parts of Aleppo controlled by terrorists, essential to achieve, The Times quoted US and UK Big Lies, despicably accusing Moscow of “barbarism (and) war crimes…”

It shamelessly accused them of bombing “schools, clinics and even playgrounds,” despite evidence showing imperial responsibility.

It failed to explain ceasefire was farcical from inception, prospects for conflict resolution virtually nil because Washington wants war, regime change, and Syria colonized as another US imperial trophy.

What’s most important to explain, The Times consistently suppresses - instead serving as a press agent for US-led imperial viciousness.

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