Saturday, September 17, 2016

Sanders Stumps for War Criminal, Racketeer, Perjurer Hillary

Sanders Stumps for War Criminal, Racketeer, Perjurer Hillary

by Stephen Lendman

Sanders revealed his alliance with imperial lawlessness by endorsing the most recklessly dangerous presidential candidate in US history.

Hillary represents pure evil - morally, ethically, emotionally, physically and legally unfit to serve, humanity’s greatest menace if elevated to the nation’s highest office.

Yet he backs her instead of forthrightly denouncing what she stands for. On Friday, he urged supporters to “think hard” about voting against her.

He lied, calling himself “the longest serving independent in the history of the US Congress.” He’s more self-serving opportunist than independent. 

He lied calling himself a progressive socialist. His pubic record shows he opposes progressive change, a dirty business as usual loyalist.

He lied calling the undemocratic Democrat party platform “progressive.” His entire campaign was based on lies and deception.

He supports destructive Democrat party policies virtually always - 98% of the time voting with other party members, supporting nearly all US imperial wars, mindless of their illegality and genocidal slaughter.

He lied calling “crooked” “trigger-happy” Hillary (what Trump calls her and much more) “by far the superior candidate.”

He shamelessly supports what demands denunciation and rejection. He sounded buffoon-like blustering “let us elect Hillary Clinton as president, (then) mobilize millions of people around (her nonexistent) progressive agenda…”

She’s a deplorable Wall Street tool, a war-profiteers dream, ideologically and emotionally reckless, humanity’s greatest threat.

Supporting her makes Sanders complicit in her high crimes, maybe the worst to come if anointed in November.

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