Saturday, September 24, 2016

Syrian Conflict Unresolvable As Long As Washington Wants War

Syrian Conflict Unresolvable As Long As Washington Wants War

by Stephen Lendman

All the toing, froing and diplomatic mumbo jumbo in the world won’t end conflicts when one side rejects resolution.

America isn’t an honest broker, never was, never will be, especially with neocon lunatics influencing policy - heading toward controlling it if Hillary succeeds Obama, most likely as things now stand, threatening world peace and security like never before. 

Russia alone negotiates honorably and forthrightly, sincerely wanting resolution in Syria (and Ukraine). Yet its best efforts consistently fail. Why? Because Washington refuses solutions short of imposing its will unilaterally. 

Hegemons operate this way. Endless conflicts continue in the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia. No prospect for peace exists in any US war theater.

Syria’s UN envoy Bashar al-Jaafari correctly said America “is not a genuine broker and they do not have the will to respect the terms of reference of their own agreement with the Russians. Washington was not even able to respect the terms of reference for seven days.”

“(E)nough is enough,” he stressed. “(T)he mask has fallen and we are fed up. We are not doing anything wrong. We are defending our country by all” legal means.

Jaafari blamed Washington, Riyadh, Turkey, Qatar and their  rogue allies for sending terrorists to kill Syrians.

It’s no easy task for any diplomat having to deal with Washington, a painful experience, knowing the futility of efforts exerted. Sergey Lavrov has the patience of Job to a fault.

He has the unfortunate responsibility of having to deal with America’s criminal class, represented by John Kerry, a deplorable character like virtually all others in Washington - not a peace champion in the administration or on Capitol Hill.

America is a warrior state. Its bloated defense (sic) budget, empire of bases and endless wars reveal its true character. No amount of negotiating can change cold, hard reality.

Wars serve Washington’s agenda. Peace and stability defeat it. Putin, Lavrov and other Russian officials understand. So why do they pursue the unattainable?

Why do they talk endlessly with no results or prospects for any while Syrians die - scores, maybe hundreds daily, mostly defenseless civilians in harm’s way?

On Friday, Sergey Lavrov addressed the UN General Assembly honorably and forthrightly - polar opposite Obama’s demagoguery earlier in the week.

Yet it’s baffling why Lavrov calls “separat(ing) the so-called moderate opposition from terrorists…fundamentally important” when he knows all anti-government forces are US-backed imported death squads, cutthroat killers, no “moderates” among them.

He’s right saying “refusal or inability” to achieve separation shows “some want to protect Jabhat al-Nusra (and other terrorists).”

It’s clear US “regime change plans still exist, which is the grossest violation of” Security Council Resolution 2254. Its provisions aim for conflict resolution, calling for “immediately ceas(ing) any attacks against civilians,” along with opposing sides (excluding SC designated terrorist groups) negotiating diplomatically to restore peace to a war-torn country.

Ceasefire and conflict resolution are unattainable as long as Washington and its rogue allies continue recruiting, arming, funding, training and directing terrorists with the aim of destroying Syrian sovereignty, replacing its legitimate government with pro-Western tyranny.

Lavrov calling it vital not to let Geneva negotiated ceasefire break down ignores what never existed - except on paper.

As long as rogue state America pursues its hegemonic agenda, endless good faith conflict resolution efforts by Russia or anyone else can’t work. Believing otherwise is foolhardy.

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