Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Trump and Clinton Tied in Polls?

Trump and Clinton Tied in Polls?

by Stephen Lendman

Some new polls show both candidates virtually tied. Others still show Clinton ahead. With two months to go before the November 8 elections, momentum may swing back and forth several times or more.

Poll results depend on their sponsors and how they’re conducted. Most important is America’s debauched political system, giving voters no say on how they’re governed or by whom. 

Power brokers decide everything. Things looked rigged for Hillary. The most scandalous media reporting in US history one-sidedly backs her, turning “press freedom” into a disgraceful laughing stock on its electoral coverage and virtually everything else of major importance.

Corporate controlled touch-screen voting machines can decide November’s result with electronic ease, aided by massive voter roll purging and other shenanigans, ignored by media scoundrels.

Democracy in America is pure fantasy, nonexistent from the republic’s inception, not a whiff of it today. Now in the final weeks of this year’s presidential race, the outcome is likely predetermined, voting on November 8 a meaningless exercise in theater.

For what it’s worth, likely little, a new CNN/ORC poll shows Trump topping Clinton by a 45 - 43% margin in a four-way race including Green Party candidate Jill Stein and Libertarian Gary Johnson.

On the one hand, all polls suggest popular results in the current time frame, not necessarily Electoral College totals. The latest Reuters/Ipsos States of the Nation poll out days earlier showed Hillary winning 332 Electoral College votes to Trump’s 206 - while its national poll showed them virtually tied.

Three pre-scripted presidential debates (sic) are upcoming, the first on September 26 - controlled by duopoly power brokers, Stein and Johnson prohibited from participating.

Independent candidates are shut out of America’s debauched system, virtually ignored, denied the right to compete on a level playing - what democracy is supposed to be all about, not in America, not as long as monied interests control things.

In January, a new leader will succeed Obama. Dirty business as usual triumphs every time, continuing unimpeded next year under new management. Though alike in most respects, their rhetoric aside, differences between Trump and Hillary matter. 

WW III is less likely on his watch. He’d rather exploit planet earth for profit. She’ll likely attack Russia, China and Iran, perhaps with nuclear weapons, risking its destruction - plenty reason enough to oppose her.

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