Friday, October 07, 2016

Media Scoundrels Promote Escalated Aggression in Syria

Media Scoundrels Promote Escalated Aggression in Syria

by Stephen Lendman

Misinformation, deception and Big Lies fuel wars of aggression. America’s permanent war agenda couldn’t be sustained without manipulating the public mind to go along with what otherwise would be opposed.

Media scoundrels function as administration and Pentagon press agents, their support key to enlisting popular support, an ignorant/indifferent public easy to deceive no matter how many times before later revealed.

Humanity’s fate hangs in the balance. Endless wars threaten everyone. Escalating them risks explosive global conflict - sooner or later with super-weapons able to kill us all.

Instead of responsibly explaining reckless policies endangering everyone, media scoundrels urge escalated wars, wanting planet earth turned into more of a battleground than already - madness unlike anything before preceding it, a devastating endgame virtually certain if America’s rage for dominance isn’t challenged and stopped.

Not a hint of it in prospect, things headed recklessly in the wrong direction, a slippery slope to catastrophe - media scoundrels complicit in accelerating war on humanity.

Hemingway’s novel For Whom the Bell Tolls was based on his own Spanish Civil War experiences. In times of raging US wars of aggression, headed for greater carnage than already, it tolls for thee - a nightmarish omen media scoundrels ignore, encouraging instead of denouncing imperial madness.

The New York Times is in the forefront of perpetuating the myth of nonexistent Syrian “civil war,” mindless of naked US aggression, ravaging a sovereign independent nation - portraying democratically elected/overwhelming popular Assad as a “brutal dictator…desperate to retain power.”

Moscow “seek(s) increase(d) clout…Iran…exercis(es) regional muscle…The government’s Aleppo offensive has moved aggressively in the past week, worsening an epic humanitarian crisis. Syrian or Russian airstrikes have hit seven hospitals and killed hundreds of civilians.”

Fact: The Times and other media scoundrels call US-supported terrorists “moderate rebels” - knowing none exist.

Fact: America’s imperial agenda bears full responsibility for endless war, devastation and humanitarian crisis conditions in war-torn Syria.

Fact: Russia, Iran and Lebanese Hezbollah fighters are on the right side of history, combating the scourge of US imperial ruthlessness.

Fact: US-supported terrorists along with Pentagon and coalition partners in high crimes bear full responsibility for attacking hospitals and other civilian targets - Russian and Syrian forces committed to protecting them.

Wall Street Journal editors blame Washington for not escalating greater war on Syria, saying “Obama doomed…a better outcome” by failing to involve US combat troops “or establish(ing) no-fly/no-drive zones” - without explaining the illegality of these actions, besides years of US proxy aggression, flagrant breaches of international and constitutional law.

No “Syrian revolt” occurred as Journal editors falsely claim. No “moderate rebels” exist. No prospect for conflict resolution as long as Washington wants war - media scoundrels supporting what demands denunciation.

The neocon Washington Post has a deplorable array of uber-hawks, Charles Krauthammer one of its worst. His latest broadside blasted Obama for not being more aggressive in Syria, disgracefully blaming Assad for ongoing genocidal US policy.

“At the outset of the war, we could have bombed Assad’s airfields and destroyed his aircraft, eliminat(ing) (his) major strategic advantage - control of the air,” he ranted.

“Obama did nothing before.” With Russia involved, “(h)e will surely do nothing now…(T)he shame is palpable.”

This type rubbish and daily volumes more like it manipulate public sentiment to support naked US aggression - portrayed as humanitarian intervention.

How much longer will US war on humanity rage before explosive conflict dooms us all?

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