Thursday, October 27, 2016

NYT Editors Oppose Venezuelan Democracy

NYT Editors Oppose Venezuelan Democracy

by Stephen Lendman

NYT editors opposed Bolivarian fairness from inception, denigrating Hugo Chavez shamelessly throughout his tenure, treating Nicolas Maduro the same - siding with US-supported fascists, wanting tyranny replacing democratic governance.

On Wednesday, they lied, accusing Maduro of “authoritarian rule and epic economic mismanagement.” They ignored US economic war and other destabilization efforts.

They lied claiming opposition leaders use “peaceful, constitutional means” to achieve their objectives. They ignored earlier street violence and anti-Bolivarian plots.

They lied saying Maduro “shut down” the recall referendum, failing to explain major irregularities in collecting signatures authorizing the process - merely saying “some” were gathered fraudulently (implying too few to matter).”

They highlighted the phony opposition claim about Maduro “ruptur(ing) (the) constitutional order.” They quoted former MUD presidential candidate Henrique Capriles, saying “(w)e must save Venezuela because it’s falling down the abyss this government is pushing it toward.”

They barely stopped short of urging insurrection, calling on regional leaders “to denounce Mr. Maduro in stronger terms than they have in the past and call on Venezuelan jurists and bureaucrats to stop being accomplices of the dictatorship in the making.”

“(I)t is only logical that more Venezuelans will be driven by desperation to rise up.” They hold Maduro responsible for violence instigated by dark forces headquartered in Washington to oust him.

Separately, The Times exaggerated the size of anti-government demonstrations, at times violent, while downplaying huge pro-government peaceful ones - calling participants “a small crowd of red-shirted supporters.”

A 12-hour strike was called for Friday, Capriles saying “(g)entlemen of the government, we are giving you a deadline.” Violent clashes may follow, risking deaths, injuries and greater destabilization than already - perhaps prelude to another US coup attempt.

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