Thursday, October 27, 2016

Western Warplanes Terror-Bomb Syrian School, Russia Irresponsibly Blamed

Western Warplanes Terror-Bomb Syrian School, Russia Irresponsibly Blamed

by Stephen Lendman

Whenever US and/or “coalition” warplanes terror-bomb Syrian schools, hospitals, residential areas, other civilian sites, and vital infrastructure, Moscow and/or Damascus are irresponsibly blamed.

On Wednesday, an Idlib province school was terror-bombed. According to the UK-based/Western funded Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), a shamless propaganda service, “warplanes believed to be Russian…targeted schools and its surroundings in the village of Hass…in the countryside…south of Idlib province” - killing at least 35, including 11 children, and injuring dozens of others.

The New York Times, Reuters, AP and other Western media scoundrels jumped on the story, automatically blaming Russia without fact-checking, citing the SOHR report, knowing it regurgitates anti-Syria propaganda, suppressing cold, hard facts.

Russia categorically denied involvement. Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova sharply challenged irresponsible accusers, saying:

“Everyone has accused Russia and Syrian forces of the attack, saying directly that it was a bombardment carried out by Russia and Syria. This is a lie. Russia had nothing to do with this dreadful attack.”

“We demand that all international organizations join the investigation without further delay. We urge the maximum attention to this tragedy. (The) attack is not surprising…(I)t deserves the strongest criticism.”

Zakharova blasted Western media scoundrels for automatically blaming Russia whenever these attacks occur.” They shamelessly proliferate misinformation and Big Lies.

When the Idlib attack occurred, neither Russian or Syrian warplanes were operating in the area. Since terror-bombing by US and “coalition” partners began two years ago, thousands of Syrian civilian men, women and children were massacred.

UNICEF executive director Anthony Lake called the Idlib incident the “deadliest attack on a school” since war began - Obama’s aggression against a nonbelligerent country.

Separately, Zakharova said “(w)e are told all the time about our failure to fulfill our obligations, in particular, the Russia-US accords, in the context of the peaceful settlement in Syria, that we are failing, as it were, to fulfill them and are breaching them.”

“In order to stop this, Russia has made a decision to circulate an official document in the UN Security Council and also on the UN premises in Geneva and New York that gives all the facts of the fulfillment by Russia of its obligations and failure by the US side to honor its commitments.”

“It gives the facts, dates and figures. This document has already been circulated in Geneva and will be circulated today by the Russian permanent mission in New York. The relevant instructions have been given.”

So-called US-led ISIS operations destabilize things, making cessation of hostilities and conflict resolution unattainable, Zakharova added.

America and its “coalition” partners significantly underestimat(e) the harm cause to civilians,” she stressed.

“Analysis of available evidence suggests that in each of these cases, coalition forces failed to take adequate precautions to minimize harm to civilians and damage to civilian objects. Some of these attacks may constitute disproportionate or otherwise indiscriminate attacks” amounting to serious war crimes.

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