Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Disgraceful WaPo Anti-Putin Editorial

Disgraceful WaPo Anti-Putin Editorial

by Stephen Lendman

Russian and Syrian forces are valiantly combating US-supported terrorists, aiming to free the country from its scourge. They deserve universal support.

On November 15, Russia’s Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu announced the beginning of a large-scale operation against ISIS and al-Nusra fighters in Idlib and Homs provinces - its Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier, other warships and submarines off Syria’s coast involved.

Syrian forces are preparing a major offensive to liberate eastern Aleppo. Since October 18, its warplanes and Russia’s refrained from bombing US-supported terrorist-infested parts of the city. That may shortly end.

According to local sources, “unprecedented clashes between people and terrorists have pushed the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo city into a new wave of tensions.”

“People have taken part in demonstrations across the districts of Bostan al-Qasr and al-Kelaseh, calling on the terrorists to leave the city now. (They) attacked terrorists' food stuff warehouses, fighting with the militants for looting their food stuff from their neighborhood.”

They’re tired of being terrorized, held captives and unable to leave. They’re angrily rebelling, media scoundrels ignoring what’s happening.

On November 15, neocon WaPo editors headlined “The United States is giving Putin the green light for atrocities,” saying:

Hours after Putin and Trump spoke by phone, “Russia and its Syrian allies launched a massive new bombing campaign against eastern Aleppo and other rebel-held territories.”

Fact: False! WaPo editors lied. No attack on Aleppo was launched so far. No “rebel-held areas” exist, only US-supported terrorist-infested ones.

WaPo: “There are no Islamic State forces in Aleppo, though Mr. Trump does not appear to be aware of that fact.”

Fact: There may or may not be. All anti-government forces in Syria are imported jihadist death squads. A terrorist is a terrorist is a terrorist, all of them, including ones masquerading as moderate rebels.

WaPo: “Mr. Putin’s evident aim is to support the Assad regime in a campaign to overrun the city, and perhaps other rebel-held areas, during the 2½ months of the US presidential transition.”

Let’s hope so! It’s long overdue!

WaPo: “…Obama’s apparent willingness to watch fecklessly as hundreds of thousands of people are starved and bombed during his final weeks in office is morally abject. It will deepen the ineradicable stain Syria will leave on his legacy.”

Fact: Liberating Aleppo and surrounding areas entirely will save thousands of lives - held captives as human shields by US-supported terrorists, killing anyone fleeing for safety.

WaPo: “Mr. Trump, for his part, has all but given Mr. Putin the green light for atrocities.”

Fact: Putin and Trump agreed to cooperate in combating ISIS. WaPo editors ignored the presence of al-Nusra (al-Qaeda in Syria) and other terrorist fighters in eastern Aleppo and other areas - vital to defeat and eliminate.

WaPo: Syria “is bombing and besieging its own citizens (in eastern Aleppo) with Russian and Iranian help.”

Fact: Bombing was suspended for nearly a month. Syrian forces surrounded al-Nusra and other terrorists fighters in eastern Aleppo.

Offered safe passage out of the city if they stopped fighting, they refused. A major liberating battle looms. Russian and Syrian forces aren’t targeting hospitals or other nonmilitary targets, as falsely claimed. 

They’re not “willfully committing crimes against humanity” the way America, NATO, Israel and their rogue allies operate.

A Final Comment

Interviewed by RTP TV, Assad discussed what he explained before, saying “terrorists for the last three years” occupied eastern Aleppo, “using civilians as human shields.”

“(W)e have two missions:” combating “terrorists to liberate that area (and) civilians” they hold, along with “try(ing) to find a solution to evacuate that area from those terrorists.”

He thanked Russia, Iran and Hezbollah for their support, calling it “very important” - while prioritizing peace and stability for Syria and other regional countries.

Either establish and maintain it or face “an earthquake,” he explained. He’s “ready to cooperate in any way to achieve” this goal.

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