Friday, November 04, 2016

Iran's Supreme Leader Correctly Calls America Arrogant and Untrustworthy

Iran’s Supreme Leader Correctly Calls America Arrogant and Untrustworthy

by Stephen Lendman

Iran’s 1979 revolution ended a generation of repressive rule under US-installed Reza Shah Pahlavi, a despot ruling with an iron fist.

On the occasion of the 37th anniversary of the calm and orderly Iranian student takeover of America’s Tehran embassy and its aftermath, Ayatollah Seyed Ali Kmanenei addressed thousands of students and teachers.

Washington’s embassy was a hotbed of spies. Media propaganda at the time and the deplorable Hollywood film Argo misportrayed events - reflecting longstanding US Islamophobia, notably against Iran since its 1979 revolution.

Ayatollah Kmanenei is one of the few world leaders willing to speak openly and forthrightly about America’s destructive imperial agenda.

Ruling out talks with Washington, he said “(n)egotiations…will not resolve our problems because, firstly, it is a liar, disloyal, cheater and stabber in the back, and secondly, (its government) is crisis-sticken…(H)ow can a crisis-hit country resolve another country’s problems?”

“The policy and essence of the arrogant US government is on the basis of over-ambitiousness, and for years it has applied the policy in different parts of the world, particularly in the Western Asia region and pre-revolution Iran.”

“Now the Americans are in a situation that they have become desperate about the developments in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen and North Africa. Isn't this situation a crisis?”

Washington consistently breaches agreements with other countries. Its word isn’t its bond. It pledges one thing and does another over and over again.

Years of Geneva talks with Russia on resolving Syria’s conflict accomplished nothing. Washington breached terms agreed on straightaway. War rages with no prospect for peace.

The P5+1 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) Iran nuclear deal failed to achieve normalized bilateral relations. Sanctions related to its legitimate nuclear program alone were lifted. Others remain in place illegitimately.

US hostility toward Iran continues unabated, likely intensifying whether Hillary or Trump succeeds Obama. Regime change remains official US policy. Neocons infesting Washington demand it. So does AIPAC representing Israeli interests.

Tehran has just cause for concern. As long as lunatics infest Washington, Iranians remained threatened.

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