Friday, November 18, 2016

NYT Suggests Trump May Treat Muslims Like FDR Persecuted Japanese Americans During WW II

NYT Suggests Trump May Treat Muslims Like FDR Persecuted Japanese Americans During WW II

by Stephen Lendman

Ten days post-election, NYT Trump bashing persists. Expect no letup ahead, perhaps intensifying once he’s inaugurated - an unprecedented vilification of a presidential aspirant, now president-elect.

His domestic agenda will largely replicate previous Republican administrations. Hopefully he’ll be less aggressive abroad and follow through on promising better relations with Russia. He’s no peacenik, wanting a more robust military than already, so it’s foolhardy to expect too much.

Times and other scoundrel media editors supported past Republican and Democrat leaders. So why go at Trump relentlessly? Because he won. Media darling Hillary lost.

Justifiable criticism is acceptable. Times editors invent reasons to denigrate Trump - their latest claiming it may be “1942 all over again” with him as president, an outrageous suggestion.

He’s accused while campaigning of favoring a database for all Muslims in America. Last November, CNN distorted his remarks, using spliced video, commonplace scoundrel media deception, misrepresenting what he said as follows:

“Reporter: Should there be database system that tracks Muslims in this country?

Trump: There should be a lot of systems beyond a database. We should have a lot of systems and today you can do it.

Reporter: But is it something your White House would…

Trump: Well, I would certainly implement that. Absolutely.

Reporter: How would you actually get them registered in that?

Trump: It would be just good management.”

Here’s what he actually said:

“There should be a lot of systems beyond databases. We should have a lot of systems, and today you can do it. But right now we have to have a border. We have to have strength. We have to have a wall, and we cannot let what’s happening to this country happen again.”

He never said he’d order a database to register all Muslims - let alone intern or mistreat them other ways like during WW II, the Supreme Court shamefully calling FDR’s Executive Order 9066 constitutional in Korematsu v. United States.

Willful misreporting distorted Trump’s comments. Times editors began their commentary saying “(t)his is how it starts,” falsely claiming he “repeatedly” floated the “idea of a national registry of all Muslims” while campaigning - along with calls for “an outright ban on (them) entering the country.”

He called for suspending Muslim immigration “until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on” - referring to a “dangerous threat” from a so-called “global jihadist movement.”

He added “our country cannot be the victims of horrendous attacks by people that believe only in Jihad, and have no sense of reason or respect for human life.”

He failed to explain America’s responsibility for creating and supporting these groups, using them as imperial foot soldiers, waging state-sponsored global war OF terror on sovereign independent nations.

Nor did he say America experienced no homeland terrorist attacks in memory. All reported ones were state-sponsored false flags - a longstanding US tradition.

Post-9/11, the Bush administration established a national registry of US immigrants from countries with so-called active terrorist groups. In 2011, it was largely suspended.

Will Trump reinstate it? Who can know? He hasn’t said so. Yet Times editors suggested perhaps he’s heading in this direction. Shameful!

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