Monday, November 07, 2016

Russia on the Right Side of Syria's Liberating Struggle

Russia on the Right Side of Syria’s Liberating Struggle

by Stephen Lendman

Interviewed by The (UK) Sunday Times, Assad said Russia’s military role in Syria “rests on…morals and international law.” 

Its political and military officials respect Syrian sovereignty, saying “ ‘(t)his is your country. You know more.’ They never try to interfere because they don’t want anything from us. They don’t  ask (for) a puppet presiden(cy).”

They know if US-supported terrorism isn’t defeated in Syria, it’ll spread to Europe and Russia’s heartland. It’ll become a global problem.

“In the past, if I said anything, people would say the Syrian president is disconnected from reality. Now it’s different,” said Assad. 

“The West is becoming much weaker. They don’t have a leg to stand on explaining to people what’s going on.” 

“ISIS was smuggling oil and using Iraqi oilfields under American satellites and drones to make money, and the West was not saying anything. Whereas here, the Russians interfered and ISIS started to shrink in every sense of the word.”

Separately, Fars News said Turkey continues supplying terrorists in Syria with heavy weapons, munitions and other material support. Its military opened new border crossings in northern Idlib province and Aqayrabat village near Dana.

Terrorists are being trained in Turkey, then transported cross-border to combat government forces in Aleppo and elsewhere in Syria.

Reports indicate al-Nusra council member/spokesman Mustafa Faraj defected after many of its field commanders were killed in battle, adversely affecting the group’s strength.

Its command structure was weakened and thousands of fighters were killed or wounded in Aleppo. The terrorist group admitted taking heavy casualties. 

Their latest offensive was foiled, their defeat likely if Russia resumes full-scale aerial operations in all parts of the city they hold.

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