Monday, December 05, 2016

A NYT Opinion I Agree With

A NYT Opinion I Agree With

by Stephen Lendman

Honest. I’m not kidding. Pushing for new subscribers, The Times headlined “Independent journalism. More essential than ever” - while omitting the punchline.

Getting it means avoiding what the late Gore Vidal called the “Typhoid Mary of American journalism,” The Times more laughing stock than source for real news, information and opinion.

Administration and Pentagon handouts substitute for all the news fit to print. Monied interests are supported over popular ones, vital truths systematically suppressed.

The Times supports Wall Street and other predatory corporate interests. It’s comfortable with police state laws and militarized police harshness.

It endorses all US imperial wars - past, present and whatever new ones are planned, its editorial policy spurning peace and stability. Beneficial social change is considered heresy.

Unprecedented corporate and government corruption is ignored. So is government of, by and for America’s privileged few alone, most others exploited.

During America’s political season concluded last month, The Times served as a virtual Hillary press agent, ignoring her high crimes, its reporting and editorial policy entirely one-sided - other media scoundrels just as dishonest.

At the same time, they disgracefully denigrated Trump, inventing reasons to bash him, despite no public record on which to judge him - a daily onslaught, continuing post-election in more subdued form.

The best way to stay uninformed is by following The Times and other media scoundrels daily, especially what passes for TV news, deplorable enough to make a grown man cry. 

Staying well-informed requires turning exclusively to alternative independent sources, largely online, ones proven reliable, banishing mainstream ones entirely - unless you prefer being lied to and otherwise deceived.

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