Monday, December 12, 2016

Aleppo Nearly Free At Last

Aleppo Nearly Free At Last

by Stephen Lendman

Obama devoted his entire tenure to waging war on humanity at home and abroad - aiding militarized police turn US inner city communities into battlegrounds, while raping and destroying one country after another.

Lock ‘em up should apply to him along with Hillary and their partners in high crimes. The viciousness of US policies shows no limits, a merciless rogue state, none earlier matching its pure evil - humanity’s survival threatened if it’s not challenged and stopped.

The long battle for Aleppo’s near liberation is a drop of good news in an ocean US-caused mass slaughter, destruction and human misery globally.

According to a Syrian army source, government and allied forces continue advancing against remaining pockets of terrorist resistance - “tightening siege…and cutting off their supply routes,” full liberation of the city expected in around 48 hours.

Tens of thousands of residents were freed, additional numbers flowing out to safety in government controlled areas.

Russia’s reconciliation center said “(o)ver the past 24 hours, 13,346 civilians, including 5,831 children, have been taken from the areas of Aleppo remaining under control of militants” to humanitarian centers where they’re given hot meals and medical treatment as needed.

On Sunday, “(a)round 1,324 militants have laid down their weapons and crossed into areas of the city to surrender to the Syrian government troops. In accordance with the Syrian president’s decision, 1,270 were granted amnesty.”

On Monday, another 728 US-supported terrorists surrendered. Russia’s Defense Ministry reported remaining pockets of resistance weakening, not likely to last much longer.

According to the Financial Times, a Russia/US ceasefire proposal grants remaining eastern Aleppo terrorists safeguarded exit from the city, ending its liberating struggle once formally accepted.

The FT said they’re expected to agree. Otherwise they’ll be forcibly eliminated.

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