Monday, December 05, 2016

Fidel Laid to Rest

Fidel Laid to Rest

by Stephen Lendman

After nine official days of mourning, following his November 25 passing, along with moving tributes to an anti-imperial revolutionary giant, Fidel was laid to rest Sunday in a private ceremony in Santiago’s Ifigenia cemetery beside “Apostle of Cuban Independence” Jose Marti.

A wooden box containing his ashes was interred, Sunday’s early morning ceremony attended by family members, Cuban political officials and Latin American leaders.

At 6:39 AM, a military caravan bearing his remains in a flag-draped coffin left Santiago’s Plaza de la Revolucion for his simple ceremonial burial.

Thousands lined the two-mile route, waving Cuban flags and chanting “Long live Fidel!” He’s interred in a granite boulder, identified with the name “Fidel” in gold letters on a green marble plaque, the only official monument to his memory - in recognition of decades of service to his country and humanity.

His interment was simple and private with no speeches, a quiet ceremonial tribute.

His flesh is gone. His spirit remains eternal.

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