Saturday, December 03, 2016

Fidel to Be Laid to Rest Sunday

Fidel to Be Laid to Rest Sunday

by Stephen Lendman

On Saturday, Fidel’s Caravan of Liberty completed its four-day journey from Havana to Santiago, where his revolutionary struggle began.

It arrived ahead of Saturday evening’s memorial service, Sunday’s funeral, followed by burial beside “Apostle of Cuban Independence” Jose Marti at the Santa Ifigenia cemetery.

At 7PM on Saturday, President Raul Castro will preside over a state vigil in the Plaza Antonio Maceo. Two dozen or more world leaders and other dignitaries are arriving to pay tribute to Fidel - to honor an anti-imperial revolutionary giant.

Nations represented include Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Brazil (represented by former presidents Lula and Rousseff) Nicaragua, Jamaica, Haiti, Mexico, Russia (Putin staying home), China (Xi at home), Spain (represented by King Juan Carlos), Germany (represented by Gerhard Schroeder), France sending a low-level envoy, South Africa, Angola, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Uruguay, Greece, and Canada (Trudeau not coming) among others.

A low-level two-representative US delegation is attending. Nine official days of mourning end Sunday with Fidel’s funeral and burial.

A new generation of Fidelistas continues his revolutionary struggle. Viva Fidel! Hasta Siempre, Comandante!

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