Monday, December 19, 2016

Israeli-Style Seasons Greetings

Israeli-Style Seasons Greetings

by Stephen Lendman

Long-suffering Palestinians can expect no relief throughout the holiday season or into the new year. Israeli high crimes continue unabated against them. World leaders ignore their misery.

On Monday, in response to random gun shots cross-border from Gaza harming no one, Israeli tanks shelled the Strip. The incident passed unnoticed in the West.

Similar ones in virtually all other societies are inconceivable. Only in Israel, a rogue terror state treating Palestinians the way Hitler treated Jews.

On Sunday, following Israel’s High Court ruling their outpost  illegally built on stolen land, Amona settlers agreed to relocate to other privately owned Palestinian land. 

Peace Now blasted the scheme, saying “(t)he Israeli government is replacing one land theft by another.” 

“It is willing to crush basic rights of Palestinians, bend Israeli law and violate international law - all in order to satisfy 41 families who knowingly settled on private Palestinian lands.” 

“If approved, this temporary solution will quickly turn into another permanent new settlement with housing units and infrastructure on private Palestinian lands.”

They have no say, no right of appeal, helpless to prevent continued Israeli land theft, risking arrest or death if justifiably protest.

Netanyahu’s regime approved $33.5 million to cover the cost of relocating 41 extremist settler families - opposition MK Tzipi Livni saying “the threat of violence works.”

“What remains of Amona isn’t zionism, settlement or any other value - just that the Israeli government caves to (Jewish extremist) strongmen.”

All Israeli settlements were illegally built on stolen Palestinian land, the world community doing nothing to intervene responsibly.

According to B’Tselem, on Sunday, Israeli soldiers forcefully took over Hebron area Palestinian homes so illegal settlers could hold a mass sabbath dinner. They stayed overnight until the next morning. One teenaged girl said the following:

“It was hard to watch the soldiers walking over the carpets in my room with their shoes and sitting on my bed after moving the dolls. I asked my father to tell them to leave, but he said he couldn’t.” 

“I asked him if I could go sleep at my grandfather’s with my younger brother, who was scared of the soldiers. They were masked and held weapons.” 

“We stayed with my grandfather all night but I couldn’t sleep because I was worried about my family. The next day, the soldiers left at eight o’clock in the morning and I went back home.” 

“It was very obvious that the soldiers had slept in my bed. The thought of them sleeping in my bed and in my room really bothers me.”

The event celebrated “sovereignty over the land of Israel now.” Israel ruthlessly persecute Palestinians with impunity, holding them hostage under illegal military occupation, ongoing for nearly half a century with no prospect of relief in sight.

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