Monday, December 19, 2016

Michael Moore Tries Bribing Republican Electors to Defect

Michael Moore Tries Bribing Republican Electors to Defect

by Stephen Lendman

Like Jill Stein’s electoral recount scam exposing her phony progressivism, Moore seems bent on exceeding her disgraceful stunt.

They want Trump’s legitimate triumph undermined, backing war goddess, racketeer, perjurer Hillary, revealing their support for pure evil - both shameless con artists.

On December 18, Moore tweeted “Republican Electors -- If you vote your conscience at noon and your state fines you for this, I will pay your fine:…

His scheme isn’t about conscientious voting. It’s about undermining November’s result, an anti-Trump coup d’etat attempt - based on phony Russian election hacking charges and other fake claims of electoral illegitimacy. 

Moore and Stein are complicit with the DNC, CIA, NSA, DNI, FBI, DHS, congressional extremists, other neocons infesting Washington, and deplorable media scoundrels, attempting a coup against America’s president-elect. 

Success could destroy the republic, I explained earlier, followed by a national convulsion, blood in the streets, perhaps constitutional suspension, martial law and full-blown tyranny.

Undermining Trump’s electoral triumph for Hillary’s ascension to power could initiate the worst of all possible world’s, perhaps including nuclear war on Russia and China, risking potential mass annihilation.

Moore, Stein and their likes are traitors, not patriots. 

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