Thursday, December 15, 2016

NYT Fake News Claims Assad, Putin and Iran Destroyed Aleppo

NYT Fake News Claims Assad, Putin and Iran Destroyed Aleppo

by Stephen Lendman

After Aleppo’s near liberation, The Times called it bad news, mocking the rapturous joy of many thousands freed from barbarous captivity as human shields.

The Times is a longstanding imperial war supporter, loathing peace and stability, dismissive of US Nuremberg-level high crimes - a disgraceful purveyor of fake news.

On December 14, its editors outrageously headlined “Aleppo’s Destroyers: Assad, Putin, Iran.”

Despicable lies followed, transparent fake news, saying “(c)ivilians…have reportedly been slaughtered  by the forces of the Assad government as they have fled the battle zone, some shot in house-to-house searches.”

“Thousands more are trapped with no food, water or shelter…The United Nations called the catastrophe a “complete meltdown of humanity.”

Fact: UN officials nowhere near Aleppo with no knowledge of events on the ground blatantly lied - getting their information from pro-Western propaganda sources, shameless accepting it without due diligence checking, supporting Obama’s war of aggression throughout years of fighting.

Fact: The NYT is a notorious lying machine, a proliferator of fake news, systematically suppressing vital hard truths, especially relating to Washington’s imperial agenda.

Fact: Syrian and allied forces liberated tens of thousands of eastern Aleppo residents from brutal captivity - held by US-supported terrorists. They were saved, not slaughtered, arrested or otherwise abused. The Times blatantly lied.

Times editors: “In 2011, President Bashar al-Assad ignored the demands of peaceful protesters and unleashed a terrifying war against his people.”

Fact: So-called “protest(s) were orchestrated by Hillary Clinton as secretary of state, a regime change plot to oust Assad, wanting him replaced with pro-Western puppet governance.

Fact: Assad responsibly defends his people from US-supported terrorists, largely imported from scores of countries. Russia and Iran deserve universal praise for their involvement in combating this scourge. Times editors support it.

Times editors: “…Donald Trump (is) a Putin apologist who is surrounding himself with top aides who are also Kremlin sympathizes.

Fact: I’m a proud “Putin apologist” and “Kremlin sympathize(r).” Hopefully Trump intends following through on normalizing ties with Russia, ending illegal sanctions, and working cooperatively with Putin in combating terrorism.

Times editors: “Mr. Putin’s bloody actions - the bombing of civilian neighborhoods, the destruction of hospitals, the refusal to allow noncombatants to receive food, fuel and medical supplies - are all in violation of international law.”

Fact: Lies! Lies! Lies! Not a shred of truth in Times ranting.

Times editors: “The chaos has let the Islamic State establish a headquarters in Syria and become a major terrorist threat.”

Fact: The Times refuses to explain America created and supports ISIS and other terrorist groups - in Syria, elsewhere in the  region and in other countries.

Its latest editorial is one of endless examples of its contempt for truth, peace, stability and fundamental rule of law principles.

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