Tuesday, December 20, 2016

NYT Post-Election Sour Grapes

NYT Post-Election Sour Grapes

by Stephen Lendman

On Monday, electors confirmed Trump’s November 8 triumph. On January 20, he’ll be sworn in as America’s 45th president, ending Obama’s deplorable tenure - a record of unaccountable high crimes for eight long depressing  years.

NYT editors won’t end their fury. They continue bashing Trump relentlessly - likely angry because  their one-sided pro-Hillary press agent services failed.

They lashed out, knowing Trump will succeed Obama, also upset over twice as many Democrat electors defecting as GOP ones, along with Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin recounts adding small numbers to his winning margin in all three states.

Pouting won’t change things. The scheme to delegitimize his triumph by phony claims of Russian election hacking fizzled.

Times editors: “Leaders of groups that were lobbying the electors had privately believed they had a chance to sway enough Republican electors to defect, denying him an Electoral College majority and throwing the election to the House of Representatives.”

Fact: As things turned out, the ill-conceived coup plot failed. Trump won. Hillary lost. Results won’t change.

Senior Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway denounced anti-Trump elements for “attempting to foment a permanent opposition that is corrosive to our constitutional democracy and ignores what just happened in this election…They’re trying to deny him what he just earned.”

Times editors: “Democrats…are unified in their view that the Trump presidency represents an existential threat.”

Fact: Who can know? He has no public record. He hasn’t done anything yet except announce cabinet and other appointments.

Judge him solely on his actions in office, not on campaign rhetoric. What politicians do matters, especially heads of state, not what they say.

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