Friday, December 30, 2016

Russia Expels 35 US Diplomats

Russia Expels 35 US Diplomats

by Stephen Lendman

Responding to new US sanctions, Russia declared 35 US diplomats persona non grata, expelling them from the country once approved by Putin - the same number of Russian officials Obama ordered out of America for fraudulent reasons the previous day.

On Friday, Sergey Lavrov issued a statement, saying “(w)e, of course, cannot leave unanswered the insults of the kind, reciprocity is the law of diplomacy and foreign relations.”

“Thus, the Russian Foreign Ministry and officials of other authorities have presented to the Russian president suggestions regarding announcing persona non grata 31 personnel of the US Embassy in Moscow and four diplomats from the Consulate General in St. Petersburg.”

He’ll likely approve the move straightaway, along with a proposal to ban US diplomats from using two facilities in Moscow - a Serebryany Bor vacation house and a Dorozhnaya Street warehouse.

Explaining further, Lavrov added  “Obama accusing Russia of all mortal sins, trying to blame us for the failure of its foreign policy initiatives, among other things, has put forward additional accusations without any grounds whatsoever that the Russian state was behind attempts to meddle in the US election campaign, which led to the defeat of” Hillary Clinton.

“Yesterday, the US administration, without providing any facts or evidence announced a new wave of sanctions against the Russian Federation.”

“Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB), some other Russian agencies and individuals were sanctioned. The sanctions also covered our diplomats. Thirty-five people working in Washington and San Francisco (31 in Washington and four in San Francisco) have to leave the US before the end of the day on January 1.”

Russian New York and Maryland compounds Obama ordered closed were used by Russian children during the winter holiday period.

“We are forbidden to use the property that is the state property of the Russian Federation,” Lavrov explained. 

“This is one dacha for the recreation of our staff members in Washington and the second dacha for the recreation of our staff members in the Russian mission to the UN.”

Lavrov blasted Obama for his deplorable actions, including absurdly calling Russian compounds used for recreation spy nests.

Moscow didn’t interfere in America’s election. Claims otherwise are disgraceful Big Lies. A days earlier Foreign Ministry statement accused Washington of supporting terrorists in Syria while punishing Russia for combating them.

Putin should declare Washington’s entire neocon infested diplomatic core persona non grata and expel the lot of them - awaiting to see how Trump intends operating.

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