Saturday, December 17, 2016

Turkey Still Supporting ISIS While Pretending Otherwise

Turkey Still Supporting ISIS While Pretending Otherwise

by Stephen Lendman

America supports ISIS and all other terrorist groups. So do NATO, Israel and their regional partners in high crimes - Turkey among them, the key transit point for these fighters in and out of Syria, Ankara supplying them with weapons and other material support.

Following Aleppo’s liberation, Assad’s next goal is ridding Idlib province, bordering Turkey, of its terrorist infestation. 

Russian foreign and defense ministers are conferring with their Turkish and Iranian counterparts, likely to assure no interference from Ankara in completing their mission.

Putin aims for negotiating cessation of hostilities and conflict resolution throughout Syria, ending years of war. He and Sergey Lavrov know the futility of dealing with Washington while Obama remains in office - hoping for responsible change under Trump.

Any serious Russia/US talks on Syria, combating terrorism, and improved bilateral relations awaits his taking office.

Separately, according to Fars News, citing unnamed battlefield sources, “…ISIL terrorists started withdrawing from al-Bab city on Friday afternoon after the Euphrates Shield Forces supported by Turkey could take control of the city's clinic.”

They now seek to take over Kurdish-controlled Mandij, in coordination with Ankara, agreeing to withdraw from al-Bab in stages, then occupying Manbij, enabling Turkey to deploy forces in the city on the pretext of combating terrorism.

Reportedly, US forces in Syria are part of this scheme, both countries are enemies of Damascus.

According to Syrian Defense Ministry official Samir Sulayman, “(c)onsidering its campaign against the terrorists in Aleppo, the Syrian army is fighting against Turkey indirectly” because it’s aiding the scourge Damascus wants eliminated.

Fars News said “(t)he ISIL stronghold city of al-Bab Northeast of Aleppo is on the verge of a major war among the Syrian army, the Kurds and the Turkey-backed forces that are part of Turkey's Euphrates Shield Operation.”

An unnamed Syrian military source said “(h)undreds of Syrian soldiers are now in Kuweires airbase 40 kilometers to the east of Aleppo city to start al-Bab military operations against the ISIL terrorist group.”

Syria’s al-Bab campaign may be prelude to begin liberating Raqqa and Deir Ezzor, strategic goals that if accomplished could go a long way toward ending years of war.

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