Tuesday, December 06, 2016

US Reneges on Its Aleppo Ceasefire Proposal

US Reneges on Its Aleppo Ceasefire Proposal

by Stephen Lendman

It doesn’t surprise, just confirms longstanding US duplicity, reneging on its word time and again. America’s ruthless imperial agenda is humanity’s greatest threat.

On December 7, US and Russian officials were scheduled to meet in Geneva on having all anti-government terrorists withdraw from areas of eastern Aleppo they control, freeing the entire city from their scourge.

On Monday, Sergey Lavrov said he received “notification” US representatives aren’t coming. A document John Kerry gave him in Rome is null and void, a new one replacing it.

“(A)ccording to our first impressions, (it) takes everything back to square one and looks like an attempt to gain time to let militants take a break and replenish their reserves,” said Lavrov, justifiably angry and frustrated over continued US duplicity, a waste of time dealing with a regime consistently reneging on its word.

“There is the understanding that a serious discussion with our American partners (sic) does not work,” said Lavrov. 

“That was precisely the case with the September 9 agreements, which were achieved and took effect, but the United States eventually started looking for pretexts for quitting them and finally produced such an excuse. The current situation looks very similar.”

“What the Americans have proposed on paper and what received our support in public has turned out to be no good again.”

US-led “Western countries who are so proud of being concerned over human rights violations and the humanitarian situation in Aleppo, in fact continue to support radical activists and extremists.”

“If someone is really concerned over the humanitarian situation, they should stop talking and take practical steps aimed at delivering humanitarian aid, providing medical assistance, the way Russia has been doing.”

“(T)hose who want to help should understand that help means deeds, not words. (M)ilitants (refusing to leave) will be wiped out…There is no other solution.”

Time and again Washington proves the futility of negotiating with a rogue state consistently reneging on what it agrees to.

It takes a great leap of faith to believe Trump intends changing longstanding policy, but if he does on issues of war and peace, I’ll be front and center praising him.

Otherwise, I’ll go at him with justifiable indignation over being betrayed again.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net. 

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