Wednesday, December 14, 2016

US-Supported Terrorists Breach Aleppo Withdrawal Deal

US-Supported Terrorists Breach Aleppo Withdrawal Deal

by Stephen Lendman

Remaining US-supported terrorists in eastern Aleppo agreed to lay down their weapons and withdraw, their safety guaranteed.

Instead of leaving, after a quiet night, they violated the ceasefire deal on Wednesday morning, Russia’s reconciliation center, saying:

“In accordance with the agreements between the Syrian authorities and the leaders of armed groups in eastern Aleppo the Russian center for the reconciliation of warring factions had made arrangements for the militants’ withdrawal towards Idlib.” 

“The pullout was scheduled to begin at about 06:00 local time. Passenger busses were to take them out via a corridor through the Salakh ad-Din quarter. When the vehicles arrived at the agreed boarding site the militants opened fire on the column.”

Terrorist fighters took advantage of the ceasefire to regroup for another attack. It was “rolled back,” Syrian forces resuming operations to cleanse the remaining pockets of resistance.

A fake news NYT report ignored US-backed terrorists firing on buses to transport them safely from eastern Aleppo, saying the vehicles “left empty…after waiting for hours…(a)rtillery shelling resum(ing).”

The phony excuse given claimed the deal was “resisted by Iran’s field commander” - the disreputable London-based, Western supported Syrian Observatory for Human Rights cited as the source, a known proliferator of fake news.

The Times: Unnamed so-called “(w)itnesses said pro-government militias had prevented a convoy of about 70 wounded people - mostly fighters and their relatives - from departing.”

Fact: Syrian, Russia and allied forces struck a deal, assuring the safety of any and all terrorists willing to cease fighting and leave eastern Aleppo.

The Times: “The impasse could be the sign of a stalling tactic my Syria’s (P)resident, Bashar al-Assad. His government has often skillfully played its backers - Iran, Russia and others - off one another.”

“The disagreement could provide cover for what the Syrian government has wanted to do all along: finish off the enclave with force.”

Fact: Utter rubbish, typical Times misreporting - fake news, not the real thing.

The Times: “At the United Nations on Tuesday, Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said there had been ‘credible reports’ of atrocities, including extrajudicial killings, while eastern Aleppo was retaken.”

Fact: No so-called “credible reports” exist - just anti-Russia, anti-Syria fake news. Ban’s Tuesday Security Council remarks shamed him more than already, discussed in a same day article.

The Times: “Rebel groups (sic) have received support from Turkey, the United States and Persian Gulf states, but far less than the direct military aid that Iran and Russia have provided to Mr. Assad.”

Fact: No so-called “rebel groups” exist, just US-backed terrorists - heavily armed with tanks, artillery, missiles, banned weapons and other material support, supplied by NATO, Israel and Jordan along with states The Times mentioned.

Interviewed by RT International, Assad called recent Western nations calling for a ceasefire a scheme to “stop the advancement of the Syrian army against the terrorists” infesting eastern Aleppo, wanting them protected, not defeated.

The Wednesday ceasefire deal breach momentarily slowed the final liberation of Aleppo entirely, in no way stopped it.

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