Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Will US Instigated Adversarial Relations Toward Russia Change Under Trump?

Will US Instigated Adversarial Relations Toward Russia Change Under Trump?

by Stephen Lendman

On November 9, the day after America’s elections, Putin said “Russia is ready and wants to restore full-format relations with the United States.”

“Let me repeat. We proceed from the fact that this will be an uneasy way but we’re ready both to cover our part of the distance and do everything to return the Russian-US relations to the steady development trajectory.”

“We heard the statements made by the then US presidential candidate, which were aimed at restoring relations between Russia and the US.” 

“We understand and are aware of the fact that this will be a difficult path considering the current degradation of the Russian-US relations.”

“It is not our fault that Russian-American relations are in such a (sour) state.”

Putin graciously congratulated Trump on his electoral triumph. On December 13, he noted America’s president-elect publicly expressed an interest in normalizing bilateral ties, both nations cooperating in combating terrorism.

He stressed the importance of ending an adversarial relationship. “(M)any problems the world is now facing” could have been avoided long ago if achieved earlier, he explained.

He blasted Obama’s imperial agenda, his deplorable American exceptionalism notion, hoping Trump will go another way in the interest of world peace and stability.

Sergey Lavrov believes both leaders “see eye to eye politically. Once Donald Trump takes the reigns as president, the challenge will be to transform this sentiment into practical steps. We are ready to do that,” he stressed.

Given the extent of anti-Trump/anti-Russia hysteria in America, major obstacles perhaps make restoring normal bilateral ties a near-impossible task.

If Trump can pull it off while avoiding impeachment or assassination, his accomplishment will be historic - something everyone should support, saving humanity from possible nuclear war.

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