Monday, January 16, 2017

America: World's Leading Hacker

America: World’s Leading Hacker

buy Stephen Lendman

Washington recklessly accuses Russia and China of hacking while providing no evidence backing its claims.

At the same time, it’s silent about most Internet servers located in America, facilitating its espionage, including hacking to obtain unauthorized data. Washington rules mandate doing what “we” say, not what “we” do.

Russian Security Council secretary Nikolai Patrushev explained the problem, saying “(w)e have been fixing growing attempts from external forces to damage Russian information systems. Those are cases of hacking, and also unauthorized collection of data.”

“This is done with active involvement of global operators and providers, and the methods used are constantly evolving.”

“For example, the Obama administration groundlessly accuses Russia of hacking attacks, deliberately ignoring the fact that most Internet servers are located inside the US, and are used by Washington for spying and other purposes aimed at protecting that country’s dominant position in the world.”

Obama talks about combating terrorism while supporting it, making Russian/US cooperation against it impossible.

Patrushev hopes Trump will change things responsibly, Moscow and Washington cooperating in combating terrorism instead of pursuing opposite objectives for so long.

“We have…confirmation of” Obama’s administration supporting, not fighting terrorism, Patrushev explained. Changing this policy is essential for improving Russian/US relations.

If Trump governs responsibly, Moscow welcomes an ally in counterterrorism activities, information security, trade and other areas of mutual interest.

If Trump wants improved ties, “we  will be ready to resume full-format consultations with US partners of the Russian Security Council,” Patrushev explained.

“The Obama administration sought…domina(nce) (internationally, its policies amounting to) reckless schemes.”

“Unfriendly actions (violating) international law resulted in a frenzy of terrorism (causing) humanitarian disasters in certain states and regions.”

Does Trump intend changing things or continuing Obama’s reckless agenda? Will he wage endless wars or responsibly work with Russia and other nations in resolving ongoing ones?

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