Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Neocon John McCain's Restoring American Power Madness

Neocon John McCain’s Restoring American Power Madness

by Stephen Lendman

McCain is a member of Washington’s lunatic fringe, wanting unchallenged US dominance achieved by raping and destroying all sovereign independent states - forcefully ousting their governments, replacing them with puppet regimes serving US interests.

A Restoring American Power report written in his name calls for greater military spending than already, so US forces can wage new wars beyond ones now raging.

“We must…invest in new capabilities,” he blustered. For starters, he proposes spending $54 billion more in next year’s defense budget above what Obama called for.

He wants caps removed for maximum spending. “We have been deceiving ourselves and the American people for too long,” he claimed.

We have allowed arbitrary caps on our national defense spending to remain in place for five years, despite clear evidence that the world is growing more dangerous, the state of military readiness and modernization is growing more perilous, and none of this is having any impact on the national debt, which keeps growing.”

Fact: America’s only enemies and threats are ones it creates. No real ones exist. Today is the most dangerous time in world history because of lunatics like McCain infesting Washington - promoting endless wars on humanity, dismissive of their devastating consequences, along with letting vital homeland needs go begging.

McCain and likeminded neocons want more troops, more planes, more ships, more nukes, more power to destroy planet earth multiple times over.

Trump’s call for lifting spending caps will add hundreds of billions of dollars to the federal deficit - an endless cycle of waste for war instead of redirecting most defense spending to vital homeland needs he calls essential to address.

McCain: “Reversing this budget-driven damage to our military must be a top priority for national leaders.”

Trump pledged to “fully eliminate the defense sequester, submit(ting) a new budget to rebuild our military. This cannot happen soon enough. The damage that has been done to our military over the past eight years will not be reversed in one year.”

The damage done to humanity at home and abroad will never be reversed. Trump and McCain differ markedly in one respect.

The incoming president wants more military spending for readiness. McCain and other neocons want it for greater warfare than already.

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