Wednesday, January 18, 2017

NYT Bashes Trump's NATO and EU Critique

NYT Bashes Trump’s NATO and EU Critique

by Stephen Lendman

NATO is a US controlled killing machine, used for offense, not defense. Trump called it obsolete, criticized most of its members for not paying their fair share.

He wants the alliance used for combating terrorism, not overthrowing targeted countries. He called Brexit “a great thing,” believes other EU countries will follow Britain, while calling the European Union “a vehicle for Germany.”

Agree or disagree with him, including communicating with millions of followers via Twitter and Facebook, his comments are refreshingly different from typical presidential boilerplate - notably Obama, America’s liar-in-chief, his tenure thankfully near over.

The Times militantly opposed Trump throughout his campaign, after his election, bashing him daily, likely continuing its assault once in office.

It disgracefully called his NATO and EU comments “outrageous.” Both alliances are US created instruments for control, serving Washington’s imperial interests.

Humanity would be far better off with them gone, free from their scourge.

The Times: Trump took “potshots at Germany’s chancellor, Angela Merkel…see(ing) no difference between (her) and Vladimir Putin, saying (he’ll) trust them equally, even though it was the Russian president who meddled with the American election, bombed civilians in Syria, crushed dissent in his own country and invaded Ukraine.”

Fact: The Times is a lying machine. Putin champions peace and stability. Merkel is allied with Washington’s imperial agenda, waging wars on humanity.

Fact: Alleged Russia US election hacking is a CIA, FBI, NSA, DHS Big Lie - hyped by Obama, neocons infesting his administration and bipartisan rogue congressional members.

Fact: America massacred civilians in Syria, not Russia or Damascus.

Fact: Russian society is free and open, its elections democratic, Putin remaining overwhelmingly popular - polar opposite America’s deplorable system.

Fact: The Clintons, Bush/Cheney and Obama waged war on fundamental freedoms at home and abroad.

Fact: Russia didn’t invade Ukraine. It seeks normal relations with all countries, threatening none.

The Times shamelessly praised US-led NATO aggression, citing its nonexistent “contributions to the fight against” terrorism - what Washington created and supports, not what it’s against.

The Times: “…NATO’s historic role as a defender of democracy…continue(s) today.”

Fact: NATO wages war to prevent democracy, not defend it.

The Times: “Mr. Trump seems eager to help unravel the rules-based international order.”

Fact: America demands global subservience to Washington rules, raping and destroying countries asserting their sovereign independent rights.

The Times: “The big winner in all this is Mr. Putin…working…to delegitimize American democracy…destabilize Europe, and weaken if not destroy NATO…”

Fact: Truth is polar opposite this rubbish. The Times is a press agent for US wealth, power and privilege, featuring presstitution, not journalism the way it’s supposed to be.

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