Saturday, January 14, 2017

Russia Invites Trump's National Security Advisor to Syria Peace Talks

Russia Invites Trump’s National Security Advisor to Syria Peace Talks

by Stephen Lendman

Moscow’s good faith outreach to Washington on resolving conflicts in Syria and Ukraine failed because Obama and neocons infesting his administration want war, not peace.

Will Trump’s geopolitical agenda diverge from longstanding US policy? Will he choose peacemaking over endless wars? It’s unlikely, but hope springs eternal.

On January 23, peace talks to try resolving Syria’s conflict begin in Astana, Kazakhstan, arranged by Russia, Iran and Turkey, the Obama administration excluded, a deliberate snub.

Scheduling the meeting three days after Trump’s inauguration reflects Russia’s attempt to begin working with him straightaway on Syria once in office, talks on Ukraine likely to follow.

On December 28, Russia’s ambassador in Washington Sergey Kislyak invited Trump’s national security adviser designee Michael Flynn to participate in Astana talks.

Putin extended good faith outreach to the incoming US president, hoping for improved bilateral relations once he takes office.

It’s unknown so far if Flynn or any incoming Trump official will participate in Astana talks. Turkish President Erdogan said America would be involved.

At his Wednesday confirmation hearing, Trump’s Secretary of State designee Rex Tillerson said “Russia, Syria, Turkey and Iran are dictating the terms of how things are going to play out in Syria today, absent our participation.” 

He urged greater US involvement, while disturbingly saying cooperation with Iran in Syria “is contrary to American interests,” not an encouraging sign.

Obama launched premeditated war on Syria, naked aggression under international and US constitutional law. He and other extremists infesting his administration deplore conflict resolution - undermining Geneva I, II, and III talks, along with supporting anti-Assad terrorists to assure endless war on their watch.

As of Friday, it’s Trump’s call on what’s ahead for Syria and America’s overall geopolitical agenda.

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