Monday, January 02, 2017

Some Terrorists in Syria Moving Base from Turkey to Saudi Arabia

Some Terrorists in Syria Moving Base from Turkey to Saudi Arabia

by Stephen Lendman

Various sources said a number of terrorist groups in Syria are moving their base of operations from Turkey to Saudi Arabia - given Ankara perhaps allying with Russia and Iran for cessation of hostilities and conflict resolution.

Clearly Moscow and Tehran want peace restored to war-torn Syria. Given its support for ISIS, al-Nusra and other terrorist groups so far, Turkey has lots of proving to do. If Erdogan intends shifting from war to peace, it’ll represent an important step toward restoring it.

The Saudis, Qataris and other Gulf states remain part of the problem, not the solution. ISIS and al-Nusra are likely involved in the move to Saudi Arabia and perhaps other regional countries.

It’s unclear if other groups are involved. Sources close to terrorist groups said al-Nusra plans a major campaign - the goal to capture Idlib province entirely.

It’s shaping up as the next major battle in the struggle to liberate Syria from its terrorist scourge. Defeating it in Idlib could be decisive in ending conflict.

Separately, the regime-run Saudi Press Agency (SPA) said King Salman launched a fundraiser for Syrian people to establish camps where food, medical treatment and other essentials would be provided - with no further elaboration on where so-called camps will be located or how they’ll be run.

Saudis treat their own citizens repressively. Riyadh is a key Obama ally in waging aggression against Syria, the welfare of its people of no concern to either country or their rogue allies.

So what are the Saudis up to? Perhaps replacing Turkey as a terrorist haven shows they want war on Syria continued, not resolved.

Is the so-called fundraiser a scheme to provide anti-Assad elements with weapons and other assistance? Will camps be used to recruit new fighters, trained as jihadists, sent to Syria through Jordan and/or Iraq to prevent war from ending?

Saudi Arabia is despotic, lawless and brutal - a police state fostering terrorism internally and regionally. 

Its human rights record is appalling, its contempt for rule of law principles indisputable. 

Its fundraising scheme has nothing to do with helping Syrians in need. Whatever the motive, it’s sinister.

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