Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Trump's Election Hasn't Stopped Anti-Russia Propaganda

Trump’s Election Hasn’t Stopped Anti-Russia Propaganda

by Stephen Lendman

Trump wants better relations with Russia, believing he and Vladimir Putin can get along. So far, his rhetorical shift in US policy hasn’t stopped state-sponsored anti-Russia propaganda.

Brian Whitmore is a US Radio Free Liberty/Radio Liberty Russophobic propagandist. In response to Russian ambassador to Turkey Andrey Karlov’s assassination, he danced on his grave, saying in less than so many words he got what he deserved.

He puts out militantly anti-Russia rubbish on a site called the Daily Vertical - featured by Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, part of America’s global propaganda disservice. 

His latest is titled “Putin Thinks He Is Winning,” a pathetic tirade no more credible than nonexistent “Russian aggression,” saying “Moscow is stepping up its attempts to destabilize Europe, with Germany, Sweden, France, and Italy all witnessing a sharp uptick in disinformation campaigns, fake news, and political meddling.”

It’s “stirring up trouble in the Baltics.” It’s “backing a coup attempt in Montenegro…(It’s) provoking tensions in Kosovo, encouraging extremists in Serbia, and promoting separatism in Bosnia’s Republika Srpska.”

Propaganda is easy to recognize. When accusations and allegations lack credible evidence backing them, bet on them being groundless. 

Whitmore presents none - just provocative bluster with no proof. None exists. He’s not through. “The Kremlin is confident that its cherished goal of a sphere of influence in the former Soviet space is within reach,” he ranted.

It’s “bullying…Georgia and Ukraine. It’s “saber-rattling with the Baltics…(T)his is a very, very dangerous moment.”

Whitmore’s copy reads like a rejected amateurishly produced grade D film plot - another tired old impossible to believe Russian are coming ruse. Whitmore can’t even lie well. Ignore him.

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