Sunday, January 29, 2017

Trump's UN Envoy Nikki Haley

Trump’s UN Envoy Nikki Haley

by Stephen Lendman

Her appointment surprised, a GOP South Carolina governor with no foreign policy experience, critical of Trump during the campaign. She called his temporary ban on Muslims “un-America.” Racist more accurately describes it.

She was one of 15 Republican governors, expressing opposition to the Iran nuclear deal in a joint letter to Obama, saying:

“Many of our states have divestment policies for state run pension funds and other state investments, as well as restrictions against state contractors being invested in or doing business with the government of Iran.”

US relations with Iran are disgraceful, not for its policies, for political reasons, because Israel wants regime change, pro-Western governance installed to eliminate its key regional rival. Iran threatens no other nation - wants peace, not war.

Trump called Haley someone with a “track record of bringing people together regardless of background or party affiliation. She is also a proven dealmaker, and we look to be making plenty of deals. She will be a great leader representing us on the world stage.”

She one-sidedly supports Israel, a key reason for her appointment. On her watch as governor, South Carolina was the first state to prohibit public agencies from working with companies supporting BDS activism.

She’s ideologically extremist, supporting two Trump opponents for the GOP nomination - neocons Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz.

On Friday, her first day as UN envoy, she warned US allies and adversaries alike - provocatively saying “(y)ou’re going to see a change in the way we do business.”

“Our goal with the administration is to show value at the UN, and the way we’ll show value is to show our strength, show our voice, have the backs of our allies and make sure our allies have our back as well.”

“For those who don’t have our back, we’re taking names. We will make points to respond to that accordingly.”

She sounds like neocon Samantha Power on steroids. Not a good sign. No way to foster good relations with all nations. US bullying seems likely to continue on her watch.

“Everything that’s working, we’re going to make it better,” she said. Everything that’s not working, we’re going to try and fix, and anything that seems to be obsolete and not necessary we’re going to do away with.”

Another 192 other nations have their own ideas about things, most easily manipulated by Washington - not Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela and other independent countries, unwilling to be bullied by anyone.

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