Saturday, February 04, 2017

Der Spiegel Cover Depicting Trump Decapitating Lady Liberty

Der Spiegel Cover Depicting Trump Decapitating Lady Liberty

by Stephen Lendman

Shocking stuff about a president in office barely over two weeks. 

Der Spiegel ignored the decapitation of fundamental freedoms in America and other Western societies long before his ascension to power.

From inception, America was a nation beholden to special interests, serving its privileged class exclusively - democracy more hypocrisy than real.

The framers were lawyers, bankers, merchants, politicians, new world landed gentry, and slave owners - wheeler-dealers today we’d call a Wall Street crowd.

The Bill of Rights was enacted to protect them, not ordinary people. They, like today’s ruling class, lied, connived, misinterpreted, misrepresented, and pretty much did what they pleased legally or extrajudicially. 

Things sunk to new depths during the neoliberal 90s, worsening under Bush/Cheney, worst of all under Obama, Trump’s agenda just beginning to unfold.

Lady Liberty was decapitated on arrival in America. Today a deplorable state of affairs exists, a nation at war on humanity at home and abroad, presidents, Congress and the courts serving wealth, power and privilege exclusively - tyranny on a slippery slope toward becoming full-blown, perhaps one more major false flag attack away.

Der Spiegel’s cover depicted Trump with a menacing knife in one hand, Lady Liberty’s severed head dripping blood in the other. It represented him beheading democracy because of his access to America suspension, affecting designated Muslims.

It ignored the nation’s sordid history. In office barely over two weeks, Trump’s agenda is slowly unfolding, most of it yet to come, mostly what’s known not encouraging so far, making him fair game for legitimate criticism.

Der Spiegel was over-the-top with its depiction. Like other Western media, it’s silent about NATO wars of aggression along with US and European actions, causing enormous harm to countless millions worldwide.

America was never the land of the free and home of the brave, nor other Western societies.

When asked what he thought of Western civilization, Gandhi called it a good idea. It’s more diabolical and destructive today than ever.

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