Sunday, February 19, 2017

Mocking Vladimir Putin

Mocking Vladimir Putin

by Stephen Lendman

Dark forces in America consider him public enemy number one. So do media scoundrels, notably The New York Times, bashing him relentlessly, again on Sunday, comparing him to Trump.

On December 31, 1999, he became acting president after Boris Yeltsin resigned, his deplorable tenure finally over, wrecking the country, transforming it into a shock therapy laboratory, creating dystopian harshness for most Russians.

In 2000, Putin was elected president, reelected in 2004 with a 72% majority, succeeded by Dmitry Medvedev in 2008, then elected again overwhelmingly in 2012.

He’s been Russia’s president for nearly 14 years. The Times erroneously said 17. He’s by far the nation’s most popular politician, enjoying an approval rating of around 80%.

In 2015, Time magazine called him the world’s most influential person. Since 2013, Forbes ranked him the most powerful.

He deplores war, supports peace and stability, seeks mutual cooperation with all nations, believes rule of law principles are inviolate.

He’s polar opposite US warrior leaders, deserving universal praise, not criticism. Not according to The Times, falsely claiming he ordered US election hacking despite no evidence suggesting it.

Its fake news story accused Trump associates of having pre-election contacts with Russian intelligence - again no evidence proving it.

The Times blasted him and Trump in the same article, accusing America’s president of having an “unseemly embrace of the Russian tough guy,” suggesting something rotten going on, adding:

Trump’s “rhetoric and actions as president bear more than a passing resemblance to those of Mr. Putin…”

Fact: Their rhetorical styles differ markedly. Trump is animated, boisterous and populist-sounding. Putin is measured and reserved. Each leader communicates effectively.

Fact: Trump’s actions so far differ greatly from Putin’s - a businessman turned politician v. a preeminent statesman. A warrior v. a peacemaker. 

Trump saying he wants to make America great again so far is just political rhetoric. Putin revitalized Russia from the devastating neoliberal 90s.

He made great progress despite lots more remaining to be accomplished. Overcoming a lost decade takes time. 

He governs democratically, unlike how he’s falsely portrayed. His anti-terrorism mission in Syria changed the dynamic on the ground, an antidote to America’s imperial agenda - on the right side of history morally, ethically and legally.

He never attacked another country. Claims of so-called “Russian aggression” are falsified. In contrast, America’s war on terrorism is a complete fabrication, Trump yet to prove he intends changing things.

Putin is arguably the most important world leader, a true peace champion, unlike bipartisan neocons infesting Washington.

The Times: America has a (long) record of success with constitutional democracy that should outlive the Trump era.”

Fact: Democracy in America is pure illusion. Powerful interests run things, not “we the people.”

The Times lied calling governance in Russia “no-longer-existing democracy…” Its system shames how America is run, bordering on tyranny approaching full-blown.

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